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Harvoni treatment based on platelet count

Just wondering if anyone has read the new Nice guidelines about Harvoni treatment being based on platelet count...It looks like if you have a platelet count of below 75 then you might not be offered Harvoni even if you have cirrhosis. ..hoping that my platelet count doesn't go below the 83 that it is right now before my clinic appointment in a month.

I think that this is a recent change as I never read about this before the last guidelines. .not good news if this is the case for people with low platelets that have been waiting for Harvoni!

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How are you pal, My platelet count is 77 (L) low and as you know i'm on it now Ballie so

dont let that put you off m8.My serumCreatinine is border line too and my bilirubin.

Hope this helps.



I've had DVT a couple of times and been on Warfarin and my platelet count has been low ever since 2003.


Oh that sounds good for me then Scotty just caught a post about the new guidelines after reading some people were concerned about this latest change...anyway hope you are coping OK with your treatment...Thanks Scotty


They do, do a test of your blood to prioritise who gets the treatment first. So that's probably it. Cheer's m8, hope you're well today.


Hi could you tell me what Harvoni is thanks


Harvoni is a drug for Hepatitis C. Made by Gilead. Sovaldi/Lepidasvir. Recommended for genotype 1b

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