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I have named my post name after my beautiful chocolate Labrador. My son named her 'marshmellow' mellow for short. Not more than 5 yrs old I lost her to kidney failure. Our next dog was a springer spaniel, we named her 'pup' lost her on the operating table due to blocked digestive system (aged nearly 3 yrs). Now theres me (41!)

We now have a precious rescue mountain dog. She is chilled, relaxed and trusting . . .she's come at the right time. They say that we rescue animals but I think she has rescued me.

We call her turbo because she just does not move!!! Lol!

Anyway, my reason for gabbling on is to ask how do I put her photo on my profile?


X x

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  • Click on your name at the top left of the page. Select profile from the drop down list and click edit.

  • Hi,

    How are you feeling today. I too have a very loyal companion, a cream and apricot labradoodle who is the size of a small pony. He has been in the sea this morning, so house smells of 'wet dog' and kitchen floor is like a sand pit!

    Are you having nutrition protein drinks? My husband used make up the sachets with unsweetened almond milk, which gives them a bit of a nutty flavour. I got to quite enjoy them.

    PS don't know how to put pic on, but others will.

    Take care, Anne XX

  • Hi! I'm not too bad today, thanks. You? I think I'm going to try some gently excersise today. Don't know how or what to do because of muscle loss and painful bones. It really is a whole new world isn't it?

    X x

  • I remember looking in the mirror and being absolutely appalled, I was skin and bone, with a swollen tummy and tinged yellow, and my hair was thinning. Not a pretty sight!!

    Now, weight back on and hair growing thicker. I have an exercise bike - initially could only do one minute, if that, but now 20 mins a day in 5 minute bursts (that's when dodgy hip allows). Just walking around house is better than nothing or around the garden. And swinging arms, slowly, from side to side, standing with one foot slightly in front of other with knees slightly bent.

    One of exercises physio gave me - you look a bit like a monkey about to pounce. xX

  • That is really encouraging, thanks! Still resting in bed, is all of this much needed rest normal? Will let you know how I get on.

    X x

  • I think rest is needed and normal. It's body's way of recovery after trauma. But you also need to get up and move about as much as you can, even if for a few minutes, regularly. I used to lie on the bed and even though I just wanted to stay there, I would set myself a small job to do, do it and go back and lie down for 20 minutes or whatever. This sort of routine suited me and I used to feel quite pleased with myself when I could recount all the little jobs I had done in one day. Seems a bit silly now!! XX

    When you feel like it let me know how they diagnosed cirrhosis, scan, Fibroscan, biopsy?

  • It was a scan all I remember was saying to my husband that I need to go to hospital. My body was screaming at me. I find it hard to remember the weeks before, let alone the last 2 years and what happened after.

  • Hiya. So sad about the loss of your dogsx. I completely understand as I also have lost 2. I now have a Rescue dog. Also, I have tried to put a profile pic on but can't! Let's see who can help!

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