Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Hi everyone. I am 49 years old and was diagnosed with budd chiari syndrome and polycythemia in 2014. After becoming horribly ill with sepsis in May that year, Ihave managed to stay quite stable (touching wood!!). Have been back at work for over a year and just getting on with it. My problem is that although I have been abroad (in Europe) a few times since then, I would love to go further afield this year for my 50th birthday. As soon as I declare the Budd chiari, the price shoots through the roof.... Any suggestions???

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  • If you contact the British Liver Trust they have a list of insurance companies which might be of use to you. I have no personal experience on the matter but the BLT should help you out.


  • Hi I used diamond insurance was the cheapest around with cirrhosis and copd, about 83.00 for 10 days hope this helps happy holidays xx

  • Hi I used diamond insurance, I've had liver transplant, neck, spinal & hip problems but found very helpful.

    Have a good holiday

  • Hi, I had refusals last year from insurance companies. There is one called togoodtobetrue insurance which is very competitive then most and it is reviewed on trust pilot as very good. I now go with nationwide (u need an account with them of course) but it's well worth having one as there insurance is very good, and covers a lot more than travel. All depends on medications, if you are taking any it will make a difference, but if not there is no extra to pay. X

  • Hi there

    If you would like to email our offices on we can send you a list of insurance companies to try.

    Best wishes


  • Hi, did you get insurance cover?

  • Hi Zebra2016. Yes. I got the list from the British liver trust and went through it. Best one available for me was through just travel. They had an offer on through voucher codes and I used quidco for cash back so it all ended up being about £160 which is amazing compared to the thousands I was being quoted. Going to Orlando in 2 weeks. Excited??.... Nah.. 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼🎉🎉x

  • Ash brill, I'll get in touch with them! Enjoy your holiday! Was that just for a single trip?

  • Yep. Just for the fortnight. Good luck x

  • hi ticchic,

    just noticed you may live close to me.....I live in Alexandria.....i was diagnosed with PV a year ago and still struggling with hydroxy.

    hope you are feeling ok

    best wishes


  • Hi. Yes. I live in Cardross. Have been taking hydroxy for nearly 3 years now.. I've been mostly fine but think it affects everyone differently. I am up at the VOL once a month. Hope you're doing ok x

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