prognosis for liver failure?

Hi all,

just heard that an ex colleague and old mate is in Hospital with liver failure-through drink. its an old story-he's had low level jaundice for a long time and continued to drink. saw him in July and he looked ok but things have taken a turn for the worse. i'm going to see him sunday and just wondering what his prospects are? I don't know the severity but it sounds bad. I've seen posts here of people recovering from liver failure. I wouldn't think a transplant is an option considering his drinking history-he's in early 60's.

I know nobody can aswer this but prospects? sounds grim to me-any grounds for hope if he stays off the booze?

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  • Hi I was in your same shoes earlier in the year with my dad, wondering how long we had. In short the answer was not long. I lost my dad 5 months after I knew he had liver failure and sadly it progressed rapidly and the pain got worse. I'm sorry to be so blunt but I was looking for some sort of time scale earlier in the year. If you work on this you can prepare yourself. But if they are able to give up drinking things could improve,but my dad was unable to stop. I hope I have helped in some way. This is why I joined this site.

  • many thanks for your swift response and very sorry to hear of that outcome. I feared as much.

    I guess if he gets through the next 6 weeks he has a fighting chance but whether he can per persuaded to be abstinent is a big question.

    All the best

  • Liver transplant can be an option, no matter bad his drinking was. To qualify, he needs to be abstinent for two years. If it's that bad, his consultant can put him in the right direction, but he does need to be able to convince people that he can, and will, stay alcohol free.

  • thnks spatchcock if he gets through the next 6 weeks then a chance maybe-convincing himself he has a life worth living will be the big ask I think.

  • He needs something to live for. If he has a goal, no matter how unimportant, that can be what keeps him going. He's going to be feeling dreadful, so maybe learning something could be the answer, as all you need are books.

  • I agree-good idea on the book

  • Current abstinence to qualify for transplant is 6 months

  • Addenbrooke's told me two years last month. You may well be right, but I just went on what the consultant told me.

  • That was from Kings College Hospital early this month

  • thnks for that info

  • Really ??? 6 months - I am surprised considering the amount of 'liver' patients overall 😘😘

    I thought 'alcohol related' had to go through lots of psychiatric testing etc and months of 'clean' blood tests 😘😘😘 before even referral for transplant - really surprised 😘

  • yes I would tend to concur-I saw my friend sunday-it was a sobering sight....

  • Sorry to hear that xxxx how was he ?? Hopefully you were able to talk etc ❤️❤️❤️

  • the old humour was still there but painfully thin-think he collapsed at home and wasnt seen for days-he's been in hospital 10 weeks so he must have been touch and go. He was upbeat but he has no support network-sadly I'm not hopeful.

  • Bless him ❤️❤️❤️ I am sure your visit gave him comfort 😘😘😘 so very sad xxxxx sending hugs to you and your friend ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • thats very kind of you we will hope for the best

  • Hi. Re: transplant, there is another poster on here in his 60s, ex-alcoholic, who if I'm not mistaken proved sobriety for 4 years before being transplanted (in his 60s). So, tell your mate if he's prepared to show willing, there is still potentially a way out if his Liver is as bad as you think it is.

  • thnks Avux-great advice-that's exactly what I'll tell him.

    all the best

  • Hi there I had a transplant at 62 three years ago and have never felt better

  • very glad to hear it

  • I have read that you need to be dry for six months before being considered for a transplant so it is not a closed door necessarily. It will depend on his health generally and an assessment of potential quality of life. Many people in their 60s get a transplant - I was almost 64.

  • thnks Mike that's all stuff I can ply him with


  • Hi, there is hope. I was admitted aged 40 in 2010 with liver failure and again in 2013 with the same. I was that horrible yellow colour and bloated with fluid. Drink related. I was given the worst case scenario but with monitoring, lots of drips, blood tests and dietery help I stayed in hospital for about 4 weeks and I am still here. Im left with cirhossis which is monitored and complications but the hospital saved me and I hope your mate can pull himself through this. No more drinking after is obvious. I wish your friend and you all the best.

    jules x

  • great to hear Jules-thanks for the info



  • I was a couple of months short of my 65th birthday when I had my TX,

  • Sorry to hear about ypur friend.ithink that someone whos a drinker has to be a non drinker for 6 months to be eligible for transplant thats what i think anyway,but if he is still drinking he would not be considered.

  • just an update on this-sadly my friend passed away this morning-he was doing ok and was out of hospital-not drinking but developed a complication and that was the end of that......a real pity-a few more weeks and he might have been back on the road to recovery.

  • That's such sad news. Liver disease I so cruel. Xx

  • thnx poppy-I was hoping for better news I must say...

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