Liver failure

I have been diagnosed with Liver failure. I don't drink or do drugs, I don't have any form of herpes, and the doctor's are baffled. They don't know what to do. After a biopsy it was decided it was from 2 of my seizure Meds. I've stopped using them, however, my liver panels are quite high. I don't know how to feel. They're sending me to a specialist. Until then, I'm scared

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  • Hi I can't give you and useful advice which I'm sure is what you are looking for but try to be positive as I'm told that finding the cause is half the battle, wait and see the specialist first as they will know much better what's going on.

    Sending you good vibes, keep us posted

  • What seizure Meds were you taking?

  • Hi, I have nodular regenerative hyperplasia (NRH) - damage to the liver caused by chemotherapy drugs given to me 12 years ago for bowel cancer. I was treated by my local hospital for varices/bleeds for one year and was then referred to the Royal Free where they diagnosed NRH within a week and put in a TIPS. Maybe your meds have caused NRH. You need to see a hepatologist. Don't be scared, do some Google research. Good luck.

  • I can't give you any helpful advice but I suffered sudden total liver failure last year, no signs of illness, I was rushed to hospital after collapsing in a coma, two days later was diagnoised & give 48 hrs put on super urgent transplant list. I was luck with hrs to spare I had a successful transplant. All tests on liver came back negative to damage from drink, drugs, illness, it does happen rare but it does. the specialists are fantastic & will be able to support you through the long road. Easy to say, but try not to worry to much, your emotions will be all over the place. There is support for you every step of the way, even if it is to voice your concerns on hear. Probably the best bit of advice is you are not along if you need support you only need to ask. Good luck

  • HI, I never drank, smoked or took drugs and ended up having a liver transplant. There are many reasons for a failing liver, I understand loads of reasons may be going through your mind at the moment but extra stress will not help. Until you know what you are dealing with TRY to stay calm. The folk on here are all good people so you can always chat to someone. I hope all goes well for you..

  • Please stay positive and don't be scared they are on to it, you are having it sorted out please please stay positive it means a lot 🌝

  • Haemochromatosis (iron overload) can destroy your liver. It is a genetic condition but there is a simple cheap blood test to check if you are loading iron. You must ask them to do a ferritin test.

  • As others have said, there are many condition that can damage the liver. Over 20 in fact. People just "assume" all liver damage must be either drink or drugs. It's not. Hopefully the specialist (I hope it's a hepatologist) will run whatever tests are needed to find the cause of your damage and you can be advised on treatment. Whe you say liver "failure" what do you understand by that at the movement?

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