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Is this newest pill absolutely safe??

Hi everyone, thank you for all your insights! It seems to me that no one seems to get any harsh side effects from this new pill. I haven't had a liver transplant and I am concerned. May I say I've gone through every clinical trial which included interferon injections, pegatron injections with ribavin non of which worked at all. In fact I almost died from the last one which evidently caused more health problems. Pancreatic disease ,gastritis, chronic asthma, portal hypertension,bulky spleen,severe diarrhea, migranes and yes lost of hearing. Cirrhosis is worse as well as now clinical depression, severe skin infections, continuous ulcers in my mouth. They told me I would only have flu like symptoms. What a joke!! It's been five years and I am still battling these side effects. I just want to be sure that this pill won't kill me!!! I'm 56 years old and have been battling hep-c approximately 32 years. I have children with absolute no support!! Did I mention I'm also legally blind??? I just want to make certain it will cure me! My doctor can't even talk to me about it. The only question he asked me was why didn't want to take the pill because it was free and I said look at me I'm going through the ringer with clinical trials I'm scared!!! There was absolutely no response after that he just book me in for another MRI, scans, Gastro testing for my portal vein(hypertension) and and for the very first time the fibroscan. So you see I kind of want to know the worst I can expect from this pill. I would like to be prepared for it. If Someone's out there that has taking this new cure pill and the side effects were more than what they said, please tell me. I do appreciate you telling me what they are!!! Hopefully everyone has not experienced any long term effects but I do want to know!!! Also I would request answers from people who have not had a transplant before taking it. thank you guys!!!

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Humph,I've answered you before on this issue,but I can tell you this,diagnosed with hep c 2+ years ago,consultant offered me the awful treatment you've been through,emphasised how expensive it was and how lucky I was to be offered it.I pondered and researched-dirty,dirty drugs,48 weeks with-at best 40% success rate,(I'm geno 1a) and a huge dropout rate+self-employed-no safety net for me.I mentioned the new drugs look good,he said-and I quote,'by the time they will be available-it will be FAR too late for you'.I basically said-I'll pass this time thanks.Just 5 weeks ago-as I commenced harv+rib 12 week regime,we chatted and he said,again I quote-'dirty drugs,we've got someone in intensive care now on that regime..'.Frankly-even with riba-this regime is a total piece of P*ss, are comparing black with white.I can't say anything else-dont be silly and refuse-I can-and if you wish,name at least 6 horrible hep c side effects,which are dying down-already.Best,Andy.


Hi Enjoylifex2. I am on the Harvoni and Ribavirin treatment since 14th October, perhaps we can support each other. I went on early Clinical Trial with Interferon Ribavirin. I have Genome 1A. Long story, (If you put in my name you will read all) I have had HCV since June 1973 from blood transfusion. 2013 turned to Liver C - Primary.


I have a saying for everyone and me on the treatment:

REMEMBER the side effects or no side effects are different for everyone.

Remember we will NOT give in

HCV will NOT win!


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