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If varices have been reduced to grade I hardly visible when inflated anyone know of same please?


If my varices have reduced, my ascites is under control which must mean my portal hypertension is also under control.

If the meds I'm on are getting me by thus far would I not be considered an urgency for transplant at the moment?

I'm suffering badly with either side effects of drugs or furthering deterioration as I haven't been able to work in 2 years and have zero apetite and weigh just over 10st at 6ft and I would hope I won't be left like this until the drugs do stop working.

I am a recovering alcoholic abstinent for 2 years next month.

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I have had the same, but continued to improve and put weight back on.

This journey has taken over 2 years so far, and off the transfer list as the risk of the op now more than the symptoms.

I am certainly no medical expert, but my liver has stabilised and I then saw an improvement, no where near perfect but tolerable.

Constant scans and check ups at the Doctors and the QE2 make life seem a constant hospital trip.

I would ask how you liver is performing

Thanks for your reply hopefully ill get all the right answers and news in a week or so.

Saying that if my MRI hasn't been done my appointment is going to be pointless.

I'm the same as your selves, I'm still on

The transplant list, I was told I will be taken

off if i Take 1 alcoholic drink

I only have 30% of a functioning liver , I'm off

the booze 5yrs . I attend my liver consultant

Every 6 months for scans and bloods . I was told

I might not need a transplant cos I'm looking

After my 30% liver well, but with age everyone's

Liver deteroriates, so it's all an age thing I'm


Hi codie.

Sorry didn't reply until now.

Out of interest have your varices ruptured?

How do you deal with work?

Do you sleep and eat ok?

I'm just trying to get a picture of myself if you know what I mean everybody is different for sure its just sometimes a help to know how other people are progressing by following all the rules!


I have good days and bad days, the itching and tiredness taking over for periods.

Also not keeping 'Regular ' Quickly makes symptoms worse and can lead to confusion and days of complete loss of awareness.

I don't talk to anyone about it anymore as they don't want to hear I am not better now!

I am constantly being checked for varices in every place now!

Work, who would give me a job! Once you got to the medical that would end it.

I am having to come to terms with the fact I will properly never work again, staying on the current treatment, which does not require a transplant at present.

So today I am feeling cheesed off, no cash to live and the feeling of being alone is starting to get to me.

Sorry not to be more cheerful, but you asked!

Overall I am surviving and that's a big plus and on a good day feel really good

So ............. Overall being alive is good and I will beat it eventually!

Codie down get yourself down its the worse thing you can do I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that.

If you aren't working how do you manage to survive?

I know I don't at all and without my fiancee is barely survive but if I get into the esa system the upset and stress I've had from them since they took me out of the support group I've gone downhill rapidly and I don't think its a coincidence.

I hope things get better soon on both fronts.

Sorry I meant David memory lol


I am currently on the support group so some cash comes in, just starting the process of the change over

Without my wife's money then I would be in real trouble

I am doing ok really its just every now and then I get cheesed off, but then you shake yourself down and get going again

I can understand how you feel coming of support it is hard to fight for what you should by rights have when you are not well

I wish you all the best luck

Although your answers are sometimes useful bolly you can also come across as very condescending and I'd be untruthful if I was to say your last post was at all helpful.

Good for you, you were well enough to work until the day before you had your operation but surely through your expertise which seems to come mainly from the internet you should be well aware that everyone's symptoms and side effects can be different and they are barely able to get out of bed most days.

Maybe if you had experienced the pathetic feeling of crying in the job centre because you haven't had a penny of the 71 pounds you get to survive on for a week for six weeks and you have no gas or electricity and haven't eaten for 3 days you'd be a less flippant either with your grammar or your choice of words or even better don't contribute at all if it is not relevant to the original question or join a conversation which doesn't relate at all to your own situation.

By the way I started working when I was 9 years old on the markets and up until being ill had done 25+ years in work and I would be back in a shot if I could!!!!

Anyone whom truly wants to work will be well aware of the procedures of applying for a job the problem here is I can't work if not won't work can't.

Was just about to reply bolly.

Was an honest and open apology and for that I thank you.

I meant to write yesterday but it is another item of the lust of things I've forgotten this week ill get through them eventually if I can remember where u put my note book lol.

I had been having another shocking day and I too may have been out if order sorry for that.

Ps. Don't change bolly you're info helps many people on this site.

No worries Ollie. We all have crap days at times. I deleted the posts after you had seen them as you are right, our little ding dong not relevant to the thread, lol!

You didn't have to do that and yeah bad day can't remember a good one lately in both sense of the word.

Thanks for not taking too much offence xxxxxx

Sorry about the x forgot who I was writing to

The xxxxx's made my day, lol! (even if not meant, they still made me smile)

Hi everyone new to this but reading all posts, very help full, hope you all are keeping as well as possible. Talking of varices I had massive GI bleed in Feb this year lost concessness developed hepatic enplectophy and was given 24 hrs to live woke up days later just feeling really well now after several endoscopy and transfusions, portal hypertension controlled by beta blockers, if anyone knows one endoscopist says I have large vein on liver, which he will not touch, he put it in writing to my gastoenterologist that I need to go to a liver unit, but he disagrees and said everything is in control, am worried as liver very enlarged, and I know how fast this cirroshiss can progress can anyone advise, sorry to go on not a lot of people to talk to about this. Best wishes to all. Angse

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