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Acute Viral Hepatitis or Autoimmune Hepatitis sufferers

It's been nearly 4mths now since I came down with what is believed to be acute viral hepatitis (but I'm being monitored also for autoimmune hepatitis and sludge in my gallbladder.) the pain is as bad as when I was first admitted to hospital where I spent the month of July.... sleeping on my right quadrant has me in agony for days as does eating, lifting, twisting (washing the floor) and wearing waistbands. I can't get any help from my gp or hospital as to whether some or all those things are causing this awful pain, they just say it takes time for the capsule to shrink and just to avoid alcohol, I can't even stand anything touching my abdomen, particularly just under my diaphragm. Can ANYONE advise me how long this may last or if it's an indication this is more than acute vital hep, my gall bladder walls were inflamed and thickened but they say that happens with the amount of liver inflammation in July. Why can't any professionals tell me what to avoid and how long this is likely to last? Today I lifted a box (about 5 or 6 kg) about a foot and got a sharp stabbing pain that goes from front to my back so I'm back in bed! Im SO distressed by this constant but fluctuating pain. 😪

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Are your liver enzyme levels back within normal range now? It seems a particular problem when you lift something, perhaps you have a hernia?


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