Hepatitis. Do you always have it?

When I was very ill in hospital I was diagnosed with alcoholic hepatitis. It's now been 2 years and I've been very lucky with my health despite having chronic cirrhosis. What I was wondering is do I still have hepatitis or will I be all clear after treatment. Also if I have a new liver and remain sober can hepatitis or cirrhosis return?

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  • no, dont drink and you would be fine. infact alcohol is the easiest liver damage to address, you just stop drinking,.

  • interesting i am waiting for reply from Liver trust on the same issue

    i had Hep.E, not really alcohol related but stopped drinking until symptoms clear

    should i stop drinking?

    all my tests clear so guess i am not a carrier but as work in NHS would like to make sure

  • You would have to stop drinking, likely for good. although the enzymes may go back to normal, the liver swelling may well have caused some damage that takes time to heal and will leave it sensitive to further insults, alcohol damages the liver every time you drink, be careful.

    Also Hep-e is different from Alc-hep, its a virus, so you have to get rid of the virus. Hepatitis means inflammation of the Liver, alcohol and various virus cause it, even too much fat in the liver. Alc-hep can be cured by stopping alcohol.

  • oh well only drunk 2 pints of cider over weekend, have not dunk over illness & to be honest haven't really missed it, more important things in life

    thanks for advise

  • In another thread acjb you told us that you had been diagnosed with 'severe' cirrhosis. Hepatitis just means 'inflammation of the liver', it can be viral, autoimmune or caused by many other issues such as long term medication, alcohol, diet etc. Its the cirrhosis that will be more of an issue for you than the 'hepatitis'. If you have removed the cause of the inflammation - in your case alcohol - then you remove the 'hepatitis' element. Much harder is to stop the progression of the cirrhosis (scarring and stiffening) of your liver.

  • Dear webpro5216,

    I am sorry but I cannot find the post you mentioned regarding hepatitis E and drinking alcohol. Please could you repost it and I will be happy to respond if I can?

    Many thanks and kind regards

    Sandy Forsyth

    Patient Support and Information Manager

  • stopped drinking alcohol anyway

    just thought of something else though you might be able to help with

    i read in one of your leaflets to a avoid dust if possible, would this include wood carvings?

  • Dear webpro5216,

    I am not aware of that being in one of our publications; please could you let me know which one you saw it in?

    If advised to avoid dust, I think it would include wood carvings, it is a good idea to always wear the correct protective clothing / masks while doing this or similar activities.

    Kind regards


  • think i saw it in a British Liver Trust leaflet. the main thing is that the Nurse asked if my hobby of wood carving affects my breathing, not really thinking about it i said no but when i next did some i noticed my chest became tight so was told to stop it.

    had OH appointment & Dr told me that he can't see why i should stop doing it & that i should keep peak flow reading of breathing before & after. i did this & little change so guess it is fine to do but what i did notice was my chest get a bit tight, so not sure what to do really, do i give it up to be on safe side?

  • Dear acjb007,

    As Bolly mentioned hepatitis means inflammation of the liver. Any inflammation of the liver comes under this bracket whatever the cause.

    I am glad to hear your health is not bad however, if you have been diagnosed with cirrhosis, and the cause is due to alcohol, it is important that you do not continue to drink (you abstain), as even a small amount can progress your condition.

    You can find out more information on the liver and alcohol on our website by down loading our information: britishlivertrust.org.uk/pu...

    Many thanks and Kind regards

    Sandy Forsyth

    Patient Support and Information Manager

  • Hi I have NASH cirrhosis, which although not caused by alcohol(they don't really know what did...just lucky genes I guess!!), any alcohol is a major toxin that will stress the liver & could further progress the cirrhosis..no matter what originally damaged the liver. Only thing to do is stop alcohol completely.

    All the best

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