Step closer to assessment. 😷

Travelled to Birmingham QE earlier to see the consultant to see if I'm suitable for the assessment. Took over an hour to get there so knackered before I started. HE bad at the moment so difficult to understand what was happening (good thing my wife was there). Anyway, Doc says he'll recommend me to the assessment team. Trying not to get our hopes up too much but as many of you can testify, that's impossible. Will hear within a couple of weeks when they want me in (for the assessment). Hope it's soo as feel worse each day now. Fingers crossed eh?


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  • Hi, I only live a few miles from tthe QE hospital. I also had my TX there, it's a wonderful hospital you wil be treated with respect and given loads of support. If you need any info please ask. I hope you get the results you want. Good luck.

  • Hi hope you get your assessment soon. I had my tx last yr at QE, I live couple miles away, the staff are all excellent & so supportive. Xx

  • Thanks so much guys, you lot are supportive beyond belief. My HE is quite bad at the moment. I'm well aware of the disappointment JoJo must have felt and can identify with that. You're right Brummie when you say how good the nurses and staff are there. Mike

  • I'm keeping everything crossed Mike, toes too! I really hope that things move quickly for you.

    And to agree, we haven't been to Birmingham but the Drs and nurses we have met at Newcross in Wolverhampton have been wonderful. My husband's consultant called him today after seeing him yesterday with some blood results and to let him know that his bilirubin is reducing...thank goodness. Some people knock the NHS but I can't fault the treatment my husband has received.

  • Very happy for you!! I had a transplant at QE. I live in Shropshire. Brilliant place! I hope they list you :)

  • Hope you get go ahead for assessment . My partner had his transplant just over 2 years ago at the QE. He had his assessment was listed and luckily had his transplant all within 5 days . Staff are amazing at the QE . Good luck X

  • Thanks so much for that Tracy. Success stories are so important, even if I don't think I could be as fortunate (?) as your partner was.

    Mike x

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