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Liver Disease: Looking after Your Liver - free online course

Hi folks,

I hope the moderators don't mind me posting an "advert", but it won't cost anyone anything.

I do some free online course on various topics, and noticed this one.

These courses are run by the UK's Open University in conjunction with several different higher educational establishments around the world - in this case The University of Birmingham.

This one runs for three weeks from 26 October.

Here is the link:

If it helps one person here help themselves before they do themselves harm, or if it just helps to allay fears, then all to the good.

I hope those who enrol on the course find it useful and interesting.



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Thanks so much for posting this. I'm really looking forward to this course. It sounds very helpful.


Yes I signed up for this. I'm all over these free courses. I'm also doing a very different course on edx "Super-Earths and Life"....

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Thanks Gavin, I've signed up. 👍


I thank you much Gav on this useful link I was registered.


Nice one Gavin I signed up. Eager to find out what's happening to me poor ald liver.

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Thank's Gavin, I'm on this on the 26th.


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