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Hi all, Recently I done a free online course entitled " Liver Disease: Looking after your liver". There is also another course called " Liver Transplant: The ins and outs" these courses are free all you need to do is a three hours a week. The courses are part of the open university and well worth doing them just to help you understand your liver. You can also obtain a certificate for a fee at the end of it.

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  • Sorry I forgot. To enrol type 'futurelearn' in your search.

  • That's the one ! Lol . They have many different ones besides the liver .

  • Hi Millie09. They do a lot of different subjects, soon I am starting a course in geneology.

  • Yes I have noticed brummie , good for you !

  • Hi brummie ! I have enroled for one starting end of January , can't recall the name now but it is on one of my emails . I think it's great to learn about the liver . Even having Cirrosis myself for 8 years . Well done on your certificates ! Can't wait to start mine . Best wishes merry Christmas πŸŽ„. I must find the email so I can tell you the name of it

  • My party days are over, they cost too much on a

  • Hahahahaha !! Now I am sure Grace and I can work round that one lol.. Thanks Albe . Hope you are well 😊

  • Aww bless . It's been a long day for me too . Even longer tomorrow 😩. Grandaughters time with nanny ( me ) . 10 am

    In the morning too when I am only just waking up due to my indomnia . Oh yeah the toilet trips lol . Hope you manage some decent sleep anyway .. Take care

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Oh I am terrible with my typing haha . Well spotted albe πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ.. And no not even a sniff of sherry lol 🍷🍷🍾.. Take care albe .. Lol

  • Be nice to hear about it Millie09. I do talks to young doctors and nursing staff about PBC so I needed to be more precise about what I was talking about, my talks are arranged by my GP so I must be doing something right.

  • Do you ? That's brilliant ! Good for you ! Oh I don't doubt your not doing a good job . Keep Going , I would love to volunteer myself at a hospital one day to help give support to others on the wards that have liver problems like myself . Well done brummi .

  • It's a great course very informative 😊

  • Hi Brummie thank you for suggesting the course, I've just enrolled, just hope I have the brain power to complete it!

  • Hi lizagood1, Of course you will pass it, pass mark is 70%. I know all the consultants and nurses who speak on it as they come from the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham.

  • Really brummie ! I'm waiting for my first appointment from the queen Elizabeth to come through !

  • Just for those who think they won't manage the hours, you don't need to do it all at once or even within the number of weeks over which it runs, courses stay on line and open for several weeks so don't be put off. Both the liver ones are fantastic and really fill in some of the knowledge blanks.

    I've done loads on Future Learn now including a lot totally unrelated to health fields - started 2 in early November which I haven't yet got round to completing but will in near future.

    All the best & enjoy.

    Katie :)

  • Brummi, bonus for you - its Birmingham university !

    Its well worth doing. You can just do a screenshot of the final result instead of paying for the certificate. ( yes I'm cheap )


  • Thank you for this information. I have signed for the 30th January course.

    Best wishes and Yuletide Greetings

  • Your welcome. I hope the course will help you understand more.

  • How do I enrol

  • Hi Redted2910, To enrol type ' futurelearn ' in your search engine when the site comes up you can enrol from there, hopefully you will enjoy doing the course. Any problems message me.

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