Fatty liver infiltration and boy am I miffed!

Had a kidney scan, then received letter to see my gp for results. Went today, I have a small cyst on my left kidney and fatty infiltration of the liver.

I do have FH and have been on statins since I was 20. However I have always been practically tea total and never smoked, my diet is healthy due to having inherited high cholesterol.

I do feel miffed that I have been diagnosed with fatty infiltration of the liver as my lifestyle has always been healthy. I'm feeling quite upset but hopefully with this site I will get tips on how I can improve it. Going for blood tests Thursday. Sorry for rant x

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  • I to have fatty liver,all ways eat healthy ,don't smoke or drink so your guess is as good as mine, I know how you feel ,all I can say is good luck and hope you find the answers you are looking for.

  • Unfortunately its not just diet which causes NAFLD (liver damage from alcohol is normally known as Alcoholic Liver Disease where NAFLD is Non Alcohol Fatty Liver Disease). There's a good section on NAFLD on the British Liver Trust website here: britishlivertrust.org.uk/li... where you will see that some long term use of medications can cause it and also too high levels of triglycerides, which might be the cause in your case if you need to take statins?

  • Yes, been on statins in high doses since 1990, and my cholesterol is still 14. Never thought it could be down to medication but will check that link, thank you x

  • How is your thyroid. When I was diagnosed hypothyroid my cholesterol was 14.85 but it came down naturally in 6 months on levothyroxine and was 4.6. I didn't change how I was eating.

    Jo xx

  • Thanks Jo, it's been several years since I had my thyroid tested but I'm going mention it to my gp when I next have my fasting lipids blood test next week x

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