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Abnormal result

I have recently been diagnosed with pancreatitis and they think this has now developed cysts on my stomach and pancreas when I seen the specialist they ran a liver function test which has come back as abnormal. Just wondered if anyone has ever had this as quiet worried about this. Would love to hear if any one has help on this

Thanks for reading

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When the docs do a "liver function" test they test a number of things, up to 7 different things in fact. Have a read of the British Liver Trust explanation of the Liver Function Test.

Do you know which levels were abnormal and by how much?



Thanks for the reply. My doctor didn't specify what was abnormal but mention alt levels.



If you have acute pancreatitis then its not unusual to have an ALT level twice normal. Has the doctor given you any advice on how to help yourself with fluids and nutrition?


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