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It might be the wrong time

Theres so many bitter people out there that have had there sick pay removed recently that understandably there's a lot of resentment and lack of sympathy from people who also drink but dont have the mental strength to stop drinking and go through the whole atos thing AND take all the tests including a biopsy to stand a chance of proving it to atos standards at least. Once the illness has progressed enough to qualify you in atos eyes at least, its too late to do anything but prolong your last few years . Its a trek getting your place on a rehab program but at least you get some respect and sympathy for taking the first steps in stopping whatever drug you,re abusing and a continued level of admiration and pats on the back were sustained till i personally got placed whenever i showed doubt. I think the knock on effect with regards to crimes committed to fund an alcoholics habit is pretty nonexistent Compared to drug use percentagewise so maybe thats why the govt isn,t feeling the urge to change things. if anyone knows they could post it anon.

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alot of people get into trouble with alcohol when its too late to change, they find out when they are rushed to hospital with serious issues. Its about time the government actually made sure people knew what it was doing to them and encouraged regular blood tests if people are drinking regular. You dont have to be drinking vodka for breakfast to get into serious health problems, people are supping wine every night and slowly killing themselves without knowing.


Just to let everyone know I have removed the reported comment and all those that referred to it.

Thank You


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