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Stomach ache and lower back pain

I have cirrhosis and last night and today I am in considerable pain from what appears to be stomach ache but spreads to the lower back.

What should I do as I am not sure how much longer I can scope with the pain, I am planning a break to France on Monday and need to either find a cure or cancel everything and get to the Doctors

Any one got any experience in this area?


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Get to the doctor or hospital. Could be Cholecystitis (gallbladder inflammation), or possibly inflammation of some sort. The radiating may indicate the former.

I had a similar episode recently which was utterly debilitating, but there was no radiating of the pain and no cholecystitis found so a mystery, but don't just try and cope with it - I did and ended up needing an ambulance and was told I should have gone to the hospital.

Make sure you mention cirrhosis frequently in relation to symptoms and pain relief.

Best of luck.


Thanks for that!


Go to an out of hours GP. Don't wait til Monday.


I will try the QE2 on Monday as local support can be very bad


Hope you got an answer. One of you earlier posts implied you were being considered for transplant. I thought you had to stay within 2 hours travel of the transplant hospital. France seems a long way from Birmingham!


Its is ! but I am hold at present and still in the UK


As you are still in the UK then your specialist team at the QE Birmingham are, as you say, the best people to ask. Are they ok for you to travel abroad (I know France is not that far, but still it takes a few hours to get back in an emergency) with your health issues?


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