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As most of you know I had the 2nd part of my liver assessment on Wednesday 10th of June. Well the outcome is I may not need a 2nd transplant after all, but I was a bit concerned at a few things I was told. It seems a " Redo " is not given to patients over 60yrs. But only to be told it could be done in exceptional cases, ie if you are very healthy and fit. So my advice to you all is run at least 3 marathons a week, spend at least 2 hours a day in the gym. Having said all this I phoned work and asked about a retirement package ( Yes there is one ). This is a system where if you feel your health prevents you from doing your job , you can claim 12 weeks money, oh for the life of a pensioner. ...For all of you good folk who are still waiting for ops good luck I really hope you all get well soon. Chat to you all soon..xx

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Dear Brummi,

This seems a little odd... Should they not have said this during your first phase of assessment? Surely they must have known your age then?

It may be something to discuss with your liver coordinator... If I remember correctly your condition is similar to my husbands?



Hi there. I hope that because you don't need a 2nd transplant that means your new liver and you are ok.??. As Pear said they could have informed you of the over 60 rule in the first place seems a bit ageist to me considering people are living a lot longer now surely they should re think the this limit.!!! I hope everything is going well for you and you are getting better. Good luck for your future and if you do go for the retirement option enjoy it. You will find loads to do. Keep positive and keep smiling. X :-D


Hi dizzime, I feel good but will bedtuck with the itch for years to come. As for the age thing it is still possible to have a second transplant but that depends on the health and fitness of the person concerned. As for the itch I got Ursofalk to try. I'm sure I will find things to do in retirement, a lot of touring the UK comes to mind. Take care x😉


When I got the itch in Oct 13 after my transplant in Aug 13 they had me in and it was showing rejection but they could not be sure whether it was that or the Hep C, which had already got into my new liver, said I was tricky!!!. Gave my very high doses of Pred which seemed to work and the itching eventualy stopped. I did find that lanacane medicated powder helped a lot but also on urso. Have had 5 liver biopsys since the op the last was in June 14 going terribly wrong but I survived. Pred then made me diabetic but this now getting better. Hep C now gone due to the new meds which I thankfully managed to get and now ALT are 37 down ftom 325 so not rejection at all! !! Life is looking better and I sincerly hope yours will to. I have managed to go camping and also to Spain which was great. Keep fighting and keep positive it kept me strong. Enjoy our trips round the UK and if you travel over Manchester way let me know and we can have a chat. Good luck in the future. X


Thanks, May just take you up on that chat one day. I had a clinic appointment today and found out my meld score is 47 if it gets up to 49 it would be another transplant. But as you say I am always positive....Take care..x


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