Well, the inevitable has happend. Yesterday I got a phone call to inform me that I will be on a liver asessment day on the 11th of May. Today I get a letter informing me that the liver team has decided that my best option is a 2nd TX. I sort of exspected this so it did not come as a suprise to me. Any way it gives me a chance to chase the nurses again. I don't feel down by the news because I know what to exspect. Take care all of you and have fun, I know I will.

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  • good luck!!

  • Thank you.

  • All the best.

  • Thank you.

  • All the best!

  • Thank you...

  • You definitely have the attitude you need to go through with another TX. I wish you all the best.

  • That is such great news!

    I do wish you all the best :)


  • Thank you. I'm sure this will be a good one with no branding on it...x

  • I really could not make any sense of why the Surgeon would do that! It is totally against any kind of code across the world let alone here...

    I do hope that you get a good surgeon this time...


  • I'm sure I will the jokes are endless as to what he could have written. Have fun and think of something funny he could have wrote. I love to laugh, maybe we can all have fun.... answers on a post card please..

  • The Surgeon was lucky it was you! Can you imagine if you were a barrister or even a high court judge!

    Don't think he would've got away with just losing his post - its also a worry if hes gone to another liver centre and is working there... Gosh...


  • Hi, I decided not to sue as he saved my life. Some one saw him do it and said nothing that to me was unforgivable. If something had been said I would not have had a lot of my problems..

  • Best wishes. X

  • Thank you....

  • Brummi, I am not sure if knowing what to expect is that much of a positive! but I know you are of the mind that what ever is thrown at you, you will catch it and carry on regardless, so you know what to expect, you've done it once, so do it again, and this time it will work out! Keep us all posted, you are the only x2 TX I know of (sure there are a few out there) so with wishes of huge success, I will follow your progress. keep journying along! Best wishes, Charlie.

  • Hi Brummi....my husband has had 3 transplants and it is now 4yrs later.. he is doing great so there is always light at the end of the tunnel Good luck.

  • Thank you. I would never give up any how. What an inspirational man your husband is. Also you must be a wonderful carer. My best wishes to you both...

  • Hi Brummi, I was thinking- (brain fog clearing), 50 years ago the world we lived in there was no internet forums where we could share and support each other and to hear that you have been given an option for a 2nd TX would have been unimaginable back then.......it is a better world we live in now & people like you make it even better. Good Luck.

  • Thank you. It's good to hear other peoples stories. We can all relate to each other , my TX has been a.bit strange as I was one of an unknown amount of patients that had their liver branded by a surgeon with his initials.

  • Hi

    Been following ur posts. Do you need a re transplant because of the "branding " or for something else.

    If it is due to the "branding" is the guy that done it going to jail. He has put you in and others a life threatening position. And damaged a perfectly usable organ, that was an altruistic gift to humanity.

  • Hi, A second transplant will now not be required. The incident of branding is a case of we will look after you syndrome. The hospital orignally told me I could sue him for assult then then suspended him. Before the result of his disciplinary he resigned, neither the hospital or the surgeon have appologised or said anymore about it. The surgeon is still working at an hospital in Herefordshire. Please remember not all surgeons are like this one so it's not likely to happen again...

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