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hello - well we are 1 step forward and 2 back, my son as you know was quite ill for a long time and has had various tests done... at one point they thought cancer / leukemia as his infection levels were through the roof and he had lumber puncture etc,

We received a letter yesterday saying that as we are aware that is not cirrhosis and they think it could be Nodular Hyperplasia of the liver ( we were told this at his appointment in February but they wanted to do some more tests.

Now after a further review they they want to test for this Budd Chiari syndrome - ?

good news is the increased medication has resulted in no ascites symptoms for almost 3 weeks and he is starting to look more like himself.......

bad news is we still dont know, i know we are getting closer but this has been a full 15 months of him being unwell and at least 4 hospital admissions...

what can he / we expect we are really keen to control symptoms and get him back to work - he is a electrician .......

i just want him to be back to my son of 2016 fulltime job football 3 - 4 nights a week

its the simple things.....

he wont even google this syndrome as everything else he has googled has not be pleasant reading!

sorry for rambling

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We have a publication on Budd Chiari syndrome that may be useful for your son and yourself to read.


With regards to controlling symptoms, we would suggest your son discusses that with his medical team,

Warm wishes


Thank you very much - i have downloaded the publication - have a nice day

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You too :)

You ain't rambling on don't wrorry I'm the worste but we all need help and I ain't got answers on me own liver well it's cirrhosis then 5 times I've been told is it ain't i know it so hard with you kids no matter what age me daughters ill as well so it's hard but there's loads on here so supportive x

thank you :)

I get so state I reply to me self on here and out loud in public

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Just to let you know I'm thinking of you both. It is hard when your children are ill, my son had Crohn's disease and it's awful when he has a flare up. Fingers crossed, he's ok at the moment, final few months at uni!! Take care. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Worriedmamabear in reply to Hidden

thank you :)

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You are very welcome xxxx

Worry about a loved one in your case a beloved son you entitled to ramble. I hope you get some answer's soon 15 months is a long time of wondering and worrying. I also suffer with ascites symptoms and shall be seen at the liver department next month.......I look like a telly tubby at present.

It's hard to find words of comfort at times like this......big hugs.

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