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Cycle 1b - Day 8 - better than expected!

Well, 2nd full dose of Cis-Plat yesterday. 8pm - 3pm in the chair with only toilet breaks. Managed to liven those up with a bit of Zumba action on the way. Good group in the morning, my sense of humour but the pm crowd were a bit more hardened, so had a nap for the last couple of hours. Felt exhausted by 9pm and managed an early night which got me to 4am! A record I think. Going to discuss bringing the steroids down, cause although I am amazing, funny & uber organised I am actually beginning to annoy myself! Can't imagine how everyone else is dealing. My Boys are loving it. Mummyroid! Hysteroidal! Roid - power! Lots of laughter, which is great but manic. My poor hubby!

I know I will start to flag as platelets drop, no infusion next week - then on to cycle 2.

will keep the updates. More for me than you. Very cathartic!

Take care of you & yours

X Cibble

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Glad to hear things are progressing well and your body is handling things fine. Stay positive and take care, much love and happy thoughts coming your way x


Your positive take is so infectious,lots and lots of love...



What a breath of fresh air! Your positivity will carry you through. Best wishes. Jillo


After years of dishing out the advice jillo, I have to now follow it! The only way is forward - never look back. Thank you for your comment.



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