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Update on hubby

An update on What's been happening,I finally got steve home from hospital thursday evening he had been in for another four weeks,we worked out so far this year he has only spent eleven days at home anyway we do have a bit more information now,his consultant has told me that with out a transplant steve may have two years,however he doe's have an appointment at kings on the 11th may for his assessment.

He is having problems with low blood pressure and low blood sugars ,this morning he is quite confused again he couldn't figure out how to put his watch on and wasn't able to check his glucose levels.

I do some times wonder if i am capable or strong enough to give him the care that he needs but i will never give up on him no matter how hard it gets,its our 25th anniversary and i still love him very much .

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Hi Treamber

Glad you have your husband back home, you will have the strength and capability to care and be there for him, the unknown is scary but when you are actually in that situation you dread you will surpass yourself, he is under very good hands at Kings, that is where I attend, they will take good care of him. Let us know of his progress and yours. Keep well Annette


My husband had a liver transplant at King's January 28, a great hospital. He was there for 4 1/2 weeks because he became confused. He was home for 3 weeks and then had the signs of rejection and was readmitted 1 1/2 weeks ago. He felt a looked good but the weekly monitoring of his blood plus itching indicated problems. The transplant co-ordinator told him ro get back to the hodpitsl asap. He spent a few days going crazy with the itching, had two liver bioposies and an MRI. It appears they have to get the right dosage of anti-rejection meds and will not release him until they are sure. We are impressed with his care at King's. The process takes a lot of patience and as a caregiver the stress is difficult to deal with at times.

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my heart goes out to you.

Have been in your will get through this. Somehow we get given the strength from somewhere.

Hope all goes well at the assessment.

My husband is now three years post transplant. Done at Kings


Remember the toxins make him become so confused. I found myself becoming so disorientated - even now. Its going to be a lot to take in...

Don't forget to take care of yourself as well...

Best wishes,


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