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My husband had his ERCP on Monday and developed Pancreatitis... By Tuesday afternoon he was in agony, bringing up water and bile... I went to stroke his hair and found it had become so brittle that it was breaking off...

He has been in hospital since and is slowly recovering...

The ERCP just confirmed all that the MRCP and Biopsy said - his biliary tree is completely damaged beyond repair so he will need a re transplant...


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So sorry to hear that. Please let him know we are all rooting for him. He will come out of this . Prayers for you all..xx

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So sorry to hear this. Pancreatitis is a known complication of ERCP. My husband always developed an infection afterwards but luckily enough the antibiotics stopped it in its tracks.

What is the reason for the biliary tree damage, have you been told?


Im very sorry to hear this. My thoughts and good wishes are with you.i will send loads of positive thoughts to you and your husband for a speedy revovery even if it does mean going through another transplant. I am sure he will get through this. Xx


Thoughts and prayers with you both, hopefully they make his relisting urgent and you don't have to wait too long with all this going on.

Stay strong both of you, as Brummi say's loads of us rooting for you.

Love from Katie xxx


Hi there ,Sorry to hear that you have had bad news. Be strong for him and I hope he can have another transplant. All the best.


Oh pear 😢😢😢 hope you are keeping your chin up xx sending lots of love and best wishes 😘😘😘😘


So sorry to hear your news Pear, thinking of you both. Anne x


Sad news to hear Pear but be positive....hope he get's his transplant husband had three transplants and is fine and that was yrs ago so don't get too worried he can get through this.Xx


Oh bless you all!

Again, your love and support is injecting heaps of positivity into my heart :)

Every single one of you is a treasure - some are having tremendously difficult times and still share a moment - which is making a world of difference to me...

He's been given lots of support from the nurses and docs, also he is off the IV drip today and is drinking on his own... They are planning to move things quite quickly as his bilirubin is above 100 already...

Again a huge thank you for standing by me -cyberhugs for every one of you...



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