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Still bouncing off the walls

The March sun limps out,A Queen bees first brave shout,

A squirrel stirs from its Winters redoubt,

A gregarious rook barges his fellow lout.

Sap stirs up,from deep on down,

A hare bounces up,a hesistant first leap,

Snowdrops and crocus fall back into sleep,Dandelions bounce suddenly and make strong men weep.

Kites peer down with joy at Birthdays,

Woodpeckers manfully punch in a sexual blaze,

Manmade creatures try their first graze,

A butterflies chrysalis begins to craze.

Spring picks up her skirts and demands Rebirth

Woodlands groan quietly and slowly regirth

Chickweed and speedwell burst out with huge mirth,

A man stamps gently and quits his Winter hearth.

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Oh no, he's at it again....told you ya shouldn't of encouraged him, lol!


It wasn't me... I am confused enough lol 😖

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It wasnt me gov,honest....


Leave your bleeding heart behind,quit wringing your hands,and rejoice!your still alive,its spring ,be happy and rejoice.The disease ain't killed you,the meds ain't killed you,and EFF me,even the Docs ain't killed you,see where I'm coming from?Enjoy the new born lambs,and marvel at the new birth of all.

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Actually the last one wasn't bad, haha. Must be hepatic encephalopathy symptoms again, lol.


You fiserable old mucker! ;-)


And fer fecks sake,sort your piccy out,it makes me even more nauseous than my meds.......

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