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1st clinic appointment

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Hi all you lovely people. Hubby had first clinic today. Meds being changed, scan before seeing doctor next week, ulsers on his leg. Dietitian happy.

When we came home, we had a walk along to our local shop for his newspaper!

First walk out... Yay!

He's feeling fantastic, and that's what matters.

We have also noticed his mood has settled down (not been crabbed for 3 days)

Every days shows improvment, and after a year going downhill, we are on the first rung of the ladder again.

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Hi Agnes, that's great news. He's doing so well to walk to the shop! It took me all of my time just to get to appointments. Things are definitely looking up for you both. The feeling well bit is just amazing after transplant. I remember in the first week (regardless of pain from op) that inside I was feeling better than I had for years. May things just get better and better. Wonderful. Alf

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Yuiop in reply to alfredthegreat

Hi Alf, the shop is only one minute walk for me from the house, but the important thing is, he did it!


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alfredthegreat in reply to Yuiop

It's still really good Agnes you wouldn't have got me doing any extra steps especially after the first clinic! That's what I call impressive!! lol

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Well done. Its good to have some happy news. May his recovery continue.

this is great news yuiop im so pleased for you both. wishing you both all the very best. love grace. xoxo

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Oh Agnes what awesome news. Made my day.


Hi Agnes I’m delighted to hear about your positive clinic visit and as you say climbing the first rung of the ladder after such a difficult time pre transplant. It’s great that he’s interested in getting his paper etc and the pain is easing. He’s doing great and I’m delighted for you both. Good luck at your next clinic xx

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Fantastiiic Agnes 😁👍👍😁

So glad for you both x

I love positive posts. Its so great to hear this great news, I'm very happy for you both. May the daily improvements continue!!

Take care x

Thank you for letting us know the good news.

Best wishes for many more good days.


Great News!

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Great news and continued healthy recovery.


What brilliant news!

Hi there. So pleased to read how well things have been going. Long may it continue. Best wishes.


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