Thank you for your replies to my question about dialated varices and you messages of good luck for my endoscopy on 14th April. Have been a liver patient for four years with numerous ailments and this was my first visit to any forum. I now feel I am able to share your experiences and my own and ask questions, and try to answer a few if I can. I don't feel so isolated illness now as liver disease isn't really talked about.

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  • Thats ok keep us posted

  • Glad the answers gave you some help. It does help talking about things 'virtually'😊

  • Hi there, glad to hear that you feel better for sharing this with us. I was in a similar situation to you and found the forum really helpful. All the best

  • Thanks. The problem with liver cirhossis is there are so many associated illnesses and you never know what your going to feel like from one day to the next. Ive felt really flu like this week, and I'll probably have a bad stomach next week and so on. Doctors also dont tell you everything in my experience

  • Wish you good health, no more alcoholic drinks please.

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