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biopsy on the 12 and some questions

Hi all,

Recently dx'd with wilsons disease and diabetes. I need a biopsy to be sure my hep said but copper in urine is extremely high and low ceruloplasmin. KF rings also. Neuro symptoms and hemolysis.

Had a fibroscan and fibrotest which both showed no fibrosis.

Questions are, 1 is a liver biopsy painful and what should I know?? And 2 can fibrotest and fibroscan both miss cirrhosis?? kinda worried

thanks and love to all

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I would think the Hep is looking for copper in the liver and not cirrhosis? Unlikely Fibroscan, Fibrotest and ultrasound would miss cirrhosis. But your liver numbers are raised, it looks like they trying to find a certain diagnosis to begin treatment so that hopefully you dont develop cirrhosis.The treat will obviously be to reduce cooper in your system.



I had a liver biopsy some years ago and all I got was minor discomfort lying on the table while they did it.

The whole thing didn't take long but was booked in for most of the day and when they let you out they like someone to be with you.

Take some thing to do while you are on the bed resting or you will get bored




Loads have folks have commented on the liver biopsy process just this week on bevmc's post - PBC,AIH, Liver Biopsy. Answers there should give you some guidance.

All the best, Katie :)


Hi ive had loads of liver biopsys. Don't worry, procedures is pretty much pain free the only thing that hurts is the local anesthetic. Lol. Only thing is dont drink too much before as you have to lie flat on your back for 6 hours after to prevent a bleed. This is not good when you want to pee, then again whatever you do you still feel you have to go. Not good trying to pee in a bed pan when you cant move ha ha ha. Any way don't worry it will be fine. :-)


The fibroscan is not 100% but in your case it is extremely reliable.The doctor told you the fibroscan was normal so that tells me your score was very low.For low scores fibroscan is very reliable at excluding fibrosis and especially cirrhosis.A score more in the middle range is very reliable to detect fibrosis but unreliable to diagnose its stage.Fibrosis scale is f1 to f4 with f3 being borderline cirrhosis and f4 established cirrhosis.Establish cirrhosis will almost for sure be picked up by the fibroscan as all the scarring(fibrosis) would stiffen the liver.Fibroscan measures liver stiffness.The more fibrosis the higher score you will be on the fibroscan.The chances of you having cirrhosis is extremely unlikely.


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