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Hi all

I am after some advice. I was seriously ill in March 2013 when I started violently vomiting blood it was variances they banded them. Then 3 weeks later it happened again with the same outcome. The 3rd time I cannot remember (thank god)but was found on living room floor I had lost about half of my bodies blood. Apparently it took 2 paramedic teams and a doctor to revive me I was then put into a induced coma.

It looked really bleak for me but I pulled through and had a TIPS procedure carried out while in a comatose state. I have not touched alcohol since except for 4 points in a week on holiday last September. My liver has improved by 15% my consultant told me. But the episode has left me with other medical problems. Brain damage due to oxygen deficiency and diabetes which the doctors think was caused by damage to my pancreas.

So my question is am I eligible for a liver transplant. If anyone could advise me I would be very grateful

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Hi, you have done brilliantly well. Did the doctors talk to you about the possibility of a liver transplant, or whether or not you might end up needing one? It seems the case that the other problems you have are there for life now. If your liver has improved by 15% then that is good news; its is perhaps not so bad that you need a transplant at this time? You should discuss it with your consultant; ask him/her everything in detail . It is essential that you keep off alcohol; (i know you only had a small amount on holiday, but the consultants are very strict) . Even a small quantity is very bad for you. If it does become the case that you need a transplant, they will not consider you at all if you are still drinking. I expect they have told you this? Good luck.

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yes they have told me about drinking any alcohol, the thing is I don't miss it one bit or even crave it. I just drank daily after work and it became a part of my day. As for a transplant it has never been mentioned by any medical person who has been involved with my illness. So I am supposing that they don't see me as a person who requires a transplant as I am recovering in my own way. Although the main thing that is hampering me is the diabetes. My brain damage affects my short term memory and I also have bouts of confusion therefore I had to surrender my driving licence which is a big blow. The doctors think my brain will adjust in time,but as they don't know that much about how the brain works it is not a exact science though I feel it has improved time will tell



ahh, i see; it looks like you don't actually need a transplant which is very good news ; great that you don't crave for a drink too! Mmm, its not nice about the other illnesses . It doesn't seem as if there is much that can be done though and it may be a case of just having to live/learn to live, with these other health problems and see, in time if the brain issue improves. Its terrible how alcohol has an affect on many parts of the body and how, like yourself, you can be left with these other illnesses and symptoms.

Perhaps you should have a chat to your consultant about the severity of your liver damage etc? ; I hope things do gradually improve though for you.


You do not mention if you have been seen by a liver consultant. They are the people who are best placed to assess your problem. If you do need a transplant you will have to convince the liver team that you have stopped drinking. Finally,a transplant is a major operation ( mine lasted 10 hours) and it would be a question of wether the team think you could survive such a major procedure. You need to ask them this question. Best of good fortune.


I don't think you should be supposing too much. The fact that you have varices which have bled is indicative of a significant degree of liver damage. What you've not said is what caused the liver damage, there are many possible causes and you should be sure (again without assuming the answer) what caused it so that continuing damage can be prevented.

Given the varices, the confusion could also be a sign of liver issues - possibly hepatic encephalopathy.

I think you need to get some clarity from your GP and especially the consultant. I'd strongly suggest you take someone along with you so that you have an independent view and to ask questions in case you forget, but you need to understand clearly....

1) The cause of the liver damage

2) What you need to do to prevent further damage to the liver

3) At what point they anticipate you will need a transplant.

Where are you seeing your consultant?

Best of luck.


Hi all , I'm Robert , im a young 52 year old, I was life and soul of the party according to my friends , until I got hit with a bombshell (YOU HAVE LIVER CACER)

And end stage liver disease , 09/03/2015 I was shocked but should not have been

Because I was told ten years previous I had cirrosis of the liver was told to give up drink. But never did thinking everything was OK, years later I began feeling unwell, to cut a long story short, went for the usual tests and was told I had varacees , put on meds then referred for scans, which revealed lesions on my liver,which eventually turned out to be cancer of the liver,my only option for servival was a transplant which I had on 28/07/2015 I was very lucky

I sugest you see a liver consultant and get sorted out . All the best!!!!


Liver transplantation is surgical procedure to replace a failing or damaged liver with a healthy well- functioning one. The most commonly used technique is orthotropic liver transplantation, in which entire liver is removed and replaced by the donated liver.


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