Home at last

Home at last

Hi all, after nearly 4 weeks & 3 operations in hospital, I finally got home on Tuesday evening. It is such a relief & I feel I can start my real recovery from the transplant from here. I feel so much more positive than even a few days ago. I realise there will be bumps in the road but I can now see the road.

It doesn't match the North Shore of Oahu, but I am lucky to live in a lovely spot in Dorset. The. Jew from my bedroom yesterday morning was a bit better than from Todd Ward!!

Thanks for everyone's support.

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  • Sorry that was supposed to say 'view'!!!

    Transplant obviously hasn't improved my typing!!

  • Welcome back to Dorset. Hey, there are places in Dorset that easily match North Shore of Oahu in scenery, but perhaps not in climate. You must be posh if you live that close to the sea!

    "The. Jew from my bedroom yesterday morning was a bit better than from Todd Ward!!" - Wrong, but made me laugh!!!

  • Welcome home and wishing you a speedy recovery.

    The BLT office is just down the road from there in Bournemouth!

    Best wishes,


  • I work a short walk from your office!!! I never new.

  • Welcome home old chap. I'd have exactly the same view - if it wasn't for some trees and a shed load of houses!

  • Glad you're home & wish you a speedy recovery.xx

  • Wow you made it! I am thrilled for you. Nice view to live with. Really happy to hear your great news. Enjoy the comforts of home now. Aloha

  • Dorset is beautiful; one of my favourite locations; good luck and may your road to recovery get better and better .

  • Congratulations I know what a wonderful feeling is. we have had our transplants at same time, and since I have returned home have made leaps and bounds in progress even though I still at moment get as tired as I did before tx..

    All best with your recovery xx

  • I send you all my best wishes, pace yourself in your recovery. Rest is important xx beautiful view

  • Congratulations...its always best to be home!

  • Ah great news. Here's to a good road to recovery 😀

  • Thanks everyone for the support. When can I hope to get my appetite and energy back? I am like a skeleton at present?

  • Brilliant news about finally getting home,may your recovery go well for you. All the best Ian

  • So pleased for you 🙄. Hope things are going ok ? Take it easy ,, best wishes Linda

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