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I have autoimmune hepatitis ,I was diagnosed dec 2013 after being very ill,spent the best part of two weeks in hospital,my alt was over 2000, my blood wasn't clotting,had to have fresh frozen plasma to clot my blood prior to having a biopsy which confirmed AIH but the sample wasn't good enough to say about fibrosis ,I am taking 5mg prednisone and 100mg mercaptopurine every day , I have had a fibroscan and my score was 11, I am seeing the consultant again in September , I think this score puts me in the significant fibrosis but there is virtually no information out there that relates to fibroscan score and AIH, anyone else with AIH had a fibroscan.

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Dear birty,

Unfortunately the interpretation guide I have does not include AIH. As a general guide if you have a diagnosed condition and your Fibroscan score is around 11, it may indicate some mild/ moderate scarring of the liver (fibrosis). However, the score is assessed along with other factors such as blood test results, medical history, weight, number of valid measurements when the scan was done, if you had eaten beforehand etc…

Your consultant isn’t planning to see you until September which indicates they are not too worried about the progression of your condition also, as your AIH is now being treated this may reverse some of the fibrosis and could prevent further liver injury.

Perhaps if you are worried you could try and see your consultant or liver nurse earlier and ask them to explain your score to you?

I hope that helps a little, I am sorry I cannot provide any more information.

Kind regards

Sandy Forsyth

Patient Support and Information Manager


Hi Sandy,thanks for that,my bloods have only just come into normal range after being on treatment since last December,I am not overweight,was nill by mouth before the scan and before the AIH was fit and healthly,have three children,was on no meds before for anything,don't drink,don't smoke,I see my consultant every three months now and have monthly bloods,I think the score will probably be what he was expecting as he said from my bloods and presentation he expected me to have some fibrosis,so fingers crossed the meds I'm taking will keep the AIH at bay : )


New on here tonight but am a H U Member since last year.

! Having my 1st Fibroscopy tomorrow Thursday, taking in oesophagus, stomach and duodenum, here in France where I live. Was diagnosed last week with Viral Hep, after 2 years being told I had Myelodysplasia (SMD here) which affects red and white cells - and have taken Kardegic - a blood thinning powder since. Also had spontaneous aneurysm and brain haemorrhage Mar 2013.

4 weeks ago told not SMD but yes I do have a blood disorder, and during last 3 weeks had another MRI,, followed by ecographie, saw hepato onco Liver consultant last week, leading to tomorrow's appt. If type of V H not confirmed then will have a liver biopsy he said , sometime soon.

Cancer and alcohol been ruled out. Had all the tests and questions you mentioned BLT, Q's were asked last week. He did say there was evidence of fibrosis from the scans. I have 2 benign lumps on my liver.

Won't be long till either next consultation or biopsy, once results back and he also wants another blood test after tomorrow!


Hi,sounds like you have had a really tough time with more to follow,wishing you all the very best for today,hope you have some answers soon,please keep us updated.


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