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Coughing up phlegm! Is it connected to fatty liver?


Hey there

For around 8 months now I've been coughing up this weird coloured phlegm. I do it through out the day. It tends to be worse after eating or when I just wake up. I was told I had acid reflux and was put on tablets. They haven't been working so the doctor said to come off them.

Recently I had two liver function blood test which both came back abnormal. I then got sent for an ultrasound scan which showed I had a lot of fat around my liver. The doctor examined around my liver area and said it felt very swollen and was tender to touch. I get a constant pain around that area daily and always feeling sick. When I bloat to it always tends to be around that area.

I have recently been struggling to lose weight. Over the past year I rapidly put on 4 stone and slowly now struggling to lose it. I got referred to a specialist as they thought it could be cushings disease but this was ruled out, this specialist was the one who did my liver function tests and then referred me back to my gp when they came back abnormal.

I am now awaiting a CT scan on my liver which I have booked for 30th March. I am just wondering could this strange phlegm be connected to my liver at all? Also what could be going on with my liver? I'm feeling really lost and worried with what could be happening and what could be wrong. What is the CT scan looking for?

Any advice would be much appreciated

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Looks like there could be some blood in your phlegm and therefor should seek some medical advice. You will probably need an endoscopy to have a look at the linings of you oesophagus, stomach and duodenum - make sure you don't have anything going on there. Acid reflux can cause issues with the linings of your stomach and oesophagus and lead to small tears, ulcers or similar. Coughing up blood might indicate this, vomitting blood would be much more serious and could indicate an issue with varices or similar.

Get it checked out.


PS the picture is rather gross and not really the kind of image I fancy seeing every time I log in. Maybe now it's done it's job you could perhaps take the picture off. Spit is something that a lot of folks find REALLY yucky!! :)

briccolone in reply to AyrshireK

I don't know Katie it has a certain abstract quality.....just joshing-I agree looks like there's some blood in that....

I have chronic liver disease and have the same problem as you. I thought I was dairy intolerant but now a year vegan I still cough up mucus in the mornings and throughout the day. I'm on antidepressants and blood pressure pills so it could be linked to those. My liver tests are brilliant so I'm not certain of the cause. Best thing to do is speak to your gp.

Hi x_b_x have you considered an endoscopy ? This could help to rule out any other complications beside your liver issue. Loosing weight slowly will be my best advice to you. My partner thinks loosing weight too quickly made his condition worse.

Coughing up green phlegm sounds like a bronchial problem.should go for antibiotics off your doc. John White new member.

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