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Hi I recently had a fibroscan done the result was 5.1 Kpa and LFTs were normal. Is this in Normal range?

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I did not get a consultation. The operating nurse said a score between 5 and 7 Kpa was normal. My question is I have read a lot of literature online that confuses me with regards to normal fibroscan scores ad was wondering if anyone could tell me if my reading is within the normal range. I am a 46 year old male who drank heavily in the past but only drinks occasionally now. Any help would be much appreciated as I am more confused about my result than ever and my GP seems in the dark also. Thanks in advance for any help.

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GP's do not seem to know about firbscan results - but 5.1 for the fibroscan and normal LFT's sounds like a normal result to me. Good luck

Thanks for your reply. Yeah I had to explain to my GP what a fibroscan was!! Take care.

If your liver is being damaged by alcohol, then a score of 12.5 will indicate cirrhosis. So 5.1 with normal LFTs is ok. However there has presumably been a reason you were referred or referred yourself to have a fibroscan so I would take steps now to reduce your alcohol consumption and give your liver lots of TLC into the future to ensure a long and healthy life. Good luck

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Thanks for your kind answer Bolly. I used to be a heavy drinker into my late 30s and then cut back, I now drink occasionally but could do better. I was concerned about any past damage I may have done but your wise words have made me think that I could do more to help myself. Thanks again and take care. All the best.

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Some good responses here but I would just say-no point being concerned about past damage-there's nothing you can do about that or you'll worry yourself into an early grave-there is something you can do about future liver care though and I think you've already got the message-all the best

A little bit late, but just to chime in on this. Any score under 7 is regarded as not being an immediate problem, but a "normal" score is between something like 3.3 and 5.6 (there's a lot of contradictory information about this as it's still a fairly new technique, but at least one major study comes up with these bands).

You can also have other damage beyond this, though. You can have a fatty liver, for instance, and normal kpa readings with a fibroscan. If you ignore these issues it will progress to the stage where it starts causing serious damage and your kpa score will increase. Under no circumstances should you just wait until your kpa score goes into problem territory before you do anything about it.

Actually, at least in Canada, they have a CAP (?) score that measures the amount of fat in the liver as well. It's pretty reliable, I am told - although I subconsciously doubt my results.

Thanks for the info and kind reply, that is very sound advice.


My report says 6,2 kpa in Fibroscan. Please let me know if it is fine. The LFT says SGPT - 126 and SGOT as 56. Is there something to worry about? Also i am a non- alcholic, so it was a shock after seeing the report. kindly suggest something

There is a need to worry .. U might have fatty liver . there are two types of fatty liver alchoholic and non alchoholic aswell. So better meet a gastrownterlogist as soon as possible avoid all fatty food for now .


My Fibroscan result is 6.6 Kpa. LFT scores are SGPT-60 and SGOT-41. I was an alcoholic for the last ten years. Kindly suggest what is the actual condition of my Liver?

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