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Pbc and lymph nodes

Just come back from specialist today and although my lft are almost back to normal(never been that high)I still have lymph nodes on my liver.i was diagnosed pbc from this finding over a year ago ,had ct scan and was told it was common in pbc.now got to have a MRI scan.has anyone else had problems with raised lymph nodes.feel or rather felt alright.wish I didn't know any of this cos I'm a worrier.any advice please

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Yes, I was found to have this about 18 months ago - shown on initial ultrasound, then they put me in for a CT scan. The more detailed look seemed to reassure drs that it was 'only' due to AI stuff, nothing else. I am reassured too!! Enlarged nodes are really just a way in which our bodies respond to inflammation somewhere. I have a rare variant of PBC - it's called autoimmune cholangiopathy - sort of like AIH and AMA neg PBC together. I am responding to steroids and immunosuppressants. I still have wonky LFTs but they are closer to normal.


Thanks for replying Witchiegirl.the more I read the more confused I become over different variants of pbc.i trust you don't have too many problems with it or rather I hope not.


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