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Anyone ever had external signs of liver/gallbladder problems plus high GGT?

Hi everyone. I've been a lurker for some time but decided it's time to post my experience and see if anybody has ever heard of what I am suffering from.

I developed a lesion on my lower right abdomen about 18 months ago. It was painless and looked a bit like a bruise. Doc tried steroid cream, antibiotics, anti fungal etc but I was convinced it was internal as I was getting a lot of excess acid and intolerance to fatty foods.

Months go by, I go back as its worse and more apparent and this time ask for a scan and blood tests. The ultrasound has come back clear, no sign of gallstones and liver appears healthy but the blood test shows a GGT count of 300.

Naturally the doc assumes straight away it's drink related as I told him I like a glass of wine most nights but as it's an external lesion and below the liver where the gall bladder/bile duct is my instinct says hes wrong. I also get pain in my right shoulder blade which I put down to work (sitting at the PC) but I understand this can be gallbladder related. But of course I'm no doc. Doesn't a high GGT indicate all manner of things? My ALT is 60.

I'm fighting to be taken seriously even though everyone that has looked at it says they have never seen anything like it. And that's my point. How can the doctor be sure it's liver related when he himself says he's never seen anything like it.

So my question is this. Has anyone ever had an external lesion appear that has turned out to be liver related? Its about 3 inches in diameter and looks like a fresh bruise.

Thanks to anyone that reads and takes the time to reply.

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hi could be early fatty liver -I have similar symptoms occasional shoulder pain and ggt of 250 a recent ultrasound shows fatty liver but a similar one a year ago was clear. You can have fatty liver which doesn't show on scans especially in early stages. Can't explain the lesion-sorry but the fact the scan is clear is a good sign-what about other bloods? white cell count-sorry just guessing.


Hi briccolone. Have you been drinking for the last year?? Just wondering why fatty liver appers on scan after a year...? BR


sorry have only just seen this=yes I carried on drinking hence the worsening of the fatty liver


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