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I have end stage liver disease and thus Pancytopenia i.e low red and white cell count and thus feel extremely tired all the time. Can't take normal iron tablets as that makes me constipated which then makes me encephalopathic. Dangerous. Dr said there was nothing that could be done so I paid to see a Dr privately and she gave me some tablets called Maltofer. They are especially made for people who can't take normal iron tablets. Great news - they worked - Haemoglobin now back in the normal range for the first time in a year. Bad news is Maltofer is not available on the NHS and costs £100 for a months' supply.

I asked my Consultant what the NHS equivalent is and she said there wasn't one and hadn't even heard of Maltofer.

Any comments /views on this situation would be appreciated

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I don't live in the UK but have the same problem, can't tolerate normal Iron tablets orally so next week I am booked for an Infusion. That is a drip into a vein. It is not funded here and the hospital don't do it so I have to pay privately. The infusion will take about 30minutes so I will be at the centre for no more than an hour I would think and it will cost NZD$800 or so. Some of that is covered by our insurance but even so we have to pay $340. My GP will do the same procedure for $350. Only $10 difference so I opted to try the 'swept up' way this time then next time try the GP's nurse. Might as well make a thing out of it!!!! Will have to have infusions every 3 months. I must ask if the medication you mention is available here because it would be cheaper than $350. I think the exxchange rate is about 4 to 1 at the moment. Could probably buy Maltofer on line if I can find a pharmacy to do it.


Chemist direct sell this drug. I found them through google search engine. I searched "maltofer for sale. Best of luck.


Contacted Chemist Direct but they said they no longer supply it. Thanks for the suggestion though.


Hi my dad has just die yesterday moring from liver failure he was very poorly hope u get it sorted


Really sorry to hear this ... hope this poem is of some comfort

Peace of heart will come when you hardly notice,

like the first star in the evening sky….

you need not strive for it or seek it….

It will find you as surely as light dawns,

Time goes by, and peace of heart tiptoes softly

into your days and whispers in the night….

Be still. All will be well.


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