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Liver pain

Hi all, I had my GB removed just over a year ago but, still getting awful pain and it seems to be more under my right breast, I was told I have a cyst on my liver and that my bloods were raised for my liver... have to have a fasting test done again next week but, wondering why Im getting this awful pain . My stools are yellow diarrhea and smelly and fatty, sometimes I dont make it to the loo, I have other disabilities as well as health problems but had those anyway before all this can anyone put my mind at rest please.


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I had my gallblader out 2years ago and started stight away been unwell & in alot of pain. Pain is bad on my right side where you describe,worse then when I had gallstones. liver function test aren't normal do not seem to be getting anywhere with hospital & doctors. I was taken into hospital last october with severe pain and abnormal liver function tests - bilirubin levels were 66. Was also jaundiced, and stool and urine samples were abnormal, but got sent home with no explanations of what was going on. My referral to the liver clinic was changed to gastro and i have been going round in circles since.


I am surprised with your lack of information from your doctor. If I were you I would be more assertive and demand to be told why your referral to the liver clinic was changed. I would ask to be referred to the liver clinic as well as to gastro. If you are refused I would demand to be told why?


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