Hi my fibroscan result was 15.5 is this bad?

Ok do my post disappeared weird.

Basically I had a fibroscan on 8th August and know the result was 15.5 but that it's all I know.

LFTs have been abnormal for year.had gallbladder removed two years ago - had to be dissected from my liver. Because of political issues around waiting times I have still not got an appointment to get my results - he will not give results on phone and gp at a loss.

Is this a bad result? Should I be worried? Any help appreciated


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  • On my mobile I can't edit tags anyone help with that? Admin? Ty

  • Hi. I was in a similar situation to you when I had my fibroscan.My GP had never heard of a fibroscan so could not tell me what the result meant - he wrote to the consultant and asked what my result meant in health implications for me (my fibroscan result was 27) - but he seemed to get no reply. My hepatology unit does not have a specialist nurse I can access - who would have been able to discuss the result with me and bring my appointment forward if necessary. So check if there is a specialist nurse attached to hepatology at your hospital. What I did finally was to write a personal letter to my consultant and asked him to bring the appointment forward as I was anxious about the result after having 'googled' it - which he did. (I am probably down as a trouble maker - but never mind!). I got there in the end but did feel that I was fighting a battle just to discuss the results, on top of everything else. Good luck -and keep in touch via these pages.

  • Ty for your reply, there is no specialist nurse available unfortunately. I'm not surprised at the delay with results because it took five months to get the results of an endoscopic ultrasound!

    The trouble is I have no idea what the results show because he never explained why I was having the test. I know it was 15.5 and the nurse that did the scan showed me a chart where it was definitely in the red section but she couldn't find the reason for scan in my file so couldn't give me any more than that. I have contacted his secretary so often she recognises my voice and we're on first name terms lol. All she can tell me is that the doctor does not allow results to be given over the phone.

    so I know the number but that's all I know and have no idea if this is bad, ok, or good.

  • Contact the Patient Advisory Liasion Service (PALS) who I am sure will be able to help you.. your GP or hospital should be able to help you or dial 111.. Nothing worse than not knowing :)

  • My fibroscan was 12.2 - a score indicative of cirrhosis is around 12.4, however, it is only one tool for diagnosis, so it doesn't mean you have cirrhosis, it's more a marker to go on. My LFT was normal so I had to fight hard to get referred to the hepatologist who I spoke to when I had the scan. Saw him eventually, had lots of scans and blood tests, had to work on the day I was supposed to get results - so I called the hospital to tell them, then a month ago I got a letter saying I'd have to be re-referred as I didn't show at the appointment, despite telling them I couldn't make it. My consultant has said he 'strongly urged me to immediately contact my GP about the letter' but the GP won't re-refer saying the hospital shouldn't have signed me off... (it costs GPs for every referral they make, so they try to avoid it unless really neccessary). Anyway, my consultant said that my Fibroscan was the worst he'd seen at the roadshow the day I did it, but he felt confident it would be something that could be dealt with.If I was you I'd err on the side of caution and give your liver a rest (check out liver friendly diets) ... Rich coming from me, I can't stop drinking, but hey, that's the advice I was given at my appointment. L x

  • Hi, Ty for the reply,I hope you get sorted soon.

    A for resting my liver, I've never been a drinker and already have a virtually fat free diet plus a vegetation. I gave up smoking a well.I am overweight but that is down to other health issues and very limited mobility, I also have a low Cal diet because of lack of mobility. Can't think of much else I can do tbh.

    Perhaps I should get the kids to put me in a big barrel and roll me down a hill to see if I come out alright at the bottom lol

  • This is good advice TheBigF.. I too have big, huge problems with alcoholism, drank for 13..+.. years, got ill...then diagnosed with Cirrhosis, stopped drinking entirely on 19th Sep 2011. Managed not a drop, tee-total for 23 Months. Then, God knows, why.... on the 23rd July, fell off the wagon. Am trying -would like to say 'my best' to stop again, but, Godamn, its hard...as I know you'll know..

    After see-ing my Consultant in August, finally got letter through saying I had a scan booked, for Today, 2nd Oct... Clever me...Didn't read the letter properly, and didn't note the paragraph where it says no food or drink 6 hours prior to 'US Abdomen' Scan, until I was almost out the door about to walk along to the hospital. Had to phone them, and apologise and explain.

    The Receptionist was really nice and said she'd pass it on, so am Really hoping its not going to be too long before I get another one booked, I Did Want to go!!! :( but I am So bloody annoyed at myself for not reading it properly!!, because I really wanted to see just, well, you know...

    Anyhow, good luck to you and to MrsMerlin, indeed to all of us. Pen x

  • I had a fibroscan done and the readings went off the chart so they did another one.

    The same thing happened and so I was asked to go back the next day.

    The scan seemed to be quicker and the readings although lower in the numbers didn't seem to vary when he did the scan over different parts of the liver.

    He said that the readings from the first scan were wrong and the scan he did was ok but how do you know which one was right.

    The unit wrote a letter sometime ago to say that the next possible stage for my liver is cancer or liver failure.

    The first readings from the scan would back this up but the second readings wouldn't.

    My spleen is always enlarged when I have ordinary scans and when I have the ultra sound scan on the liver its always badly scarred so the second fibroscan seems to be false readings.

    I'm not sure what to think but I go back to the hospital on the 17/10/2013 for the results.

  • Good luck lanceslot1 x

  • Thanks I will let you know what they say on the 17th.

  • When they do a Fibroscan, as in my case, they took 10 reading of two parameters.....E measured in Kpa which measures stiffness of the liver and secondly a CAP measured in dB/m...which measures the fatty liver. Which readings did you have that were high?

  • If it wasn't for the BLT trust I would never have got the first appointment, I can't thank the team enough. Spurred by this thread I rang docs today to find that the GP has contacted the specialist and I've been re-referred to get my results... which, judging by the letter ain't good. Nobody's fault but mine.

    I was hoping I'd see consultant in April and be told don't drink... not... 'keep going, see what happens' - it gave me a licence to keep on going. Damn.

    Either way, he was adamant that a Fibroscan is like a warning indicator, not a diagnosis, it simply flags up people needing more investigation. My LFTs are always fine - even when I had blockages, years ago.

    I'm alarmed that the letter basically said 'you've been kicked off my books, please get back on!' he's seen my results, I haven't. Though the letter stated they were unable to book further endoscopy and scans because I missed an appointment.. I worry.

    I hope all goes well for you - I need to act 40 rather than 14 when it comes to wine, my choice, my problem.... but I still look after my 5 kids single handed, have 2 jobs and care for 5 other homeless young people at any given time, at my expense. If I didn't drink it'd be commendable, as it is, I'm always looking for more earnings to pay for them all xx Much Love xx

  • There is a chart online for what the scores mean in respect of different types of liver disease. I have heard but would be interested if anyone could confirm that if you are actively drinking your score would be twice what it would be if you are not.

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