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Herniation of liver in chest

Hi Bolly, the liver was found in my chest after I'd had my hysterectomy, I was complaining of pain behind my sternum and had a CT scan. None of the doctors here in Wales will touch me as they've never come across this before. I've had five anti sickness drugs, none of which work! I'm in constant pain and I can't eat very much. I'm having another CT scan done on the 4th sept just to see if it has altered in anyway. I'm hoping to get funding to see a specialist in London , but I think I'm losing my battle. I feel so alone with this, as even when you google this condition, nothing comes up! My doctors just don't know what to do, I'm fed up with not feeling well, it's impacting on my quality of life. Ive tried to get someone to write about this and possibly study me, but nobody wants to know.

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Hi stumpy. There are articles in medical journals about herniated livers, here is an example - not very cheerful I'm afraid and a paediatric one, as most cases are found in children, but there may be others in Pub Med if you do a bit of deeper searching, I just did a quick search under 'herniated liver'


Here's an adult case.

Seems there is a journal with the title 'Hernia' - well I never!


Hi bolly,

Thanks for that. Ive just had a look. I'll look closer at it in a minute.


Have you tried to get an appointment at Kings College Hospital in London?


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