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Advice re decompensated liver and iron overload

My dad has had liver issues for years (15 plus years) and after a long stay in hospital was diagnosed last year with decompensated alcoholic liver disease secondary to spontanious bacterical peritonitis. His SBP was treated in hospital and he now takes long term antibiotics for this. He is jaundiced all of the time now and has ascites, severe fatigue and lots of other side complications. He has been stable for the last few months but his bloods are even more abnormal for him and he recently had an ultrasound scan. He apparently has really high levels of iron in his liver and is due to have a liver biopsy next week. His doctor has said that this issue with the iron is not a good sign and to be prepared. I just wondered if anyone who has been through this or has medical knowledge in the field could advise if we are coming to the end of his condition and/or next steps?

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Really sorry I can't answer your post in a more positive way , but I don't have any answers as I don't know anything about your dad's condition but I'm sending you lots of prayers and hope you have the strength to deal with whatever life throws at you, you take care


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