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Should I be worrying?


Hi all. Have alcohol-induced Cirrhosis with varices and portal hypertension, diagnosed 2011. The past 6 weeks, I have lost a Lot of weight, and have a really painful abdomen, usually after eating -anything. Last week I noticed lumps in both signs of my groin. I'm not due to see my GP until the 28th. Any ideas? I keep thinking the worst..

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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As someone with cirrhosis diagnosed 2 years ago, do you have regular ultrasound scans as part of your monitoring?

If so, when did you have the last one and what was the result.

If you haven't had a scan for ages, I would get an earlier appointment with the GP (do you have regular check-ups with the GP only or are you under a liver specialist) and ask for an ultrasound based on your symptoms. The lumps could be enlarged lymph glands, I'm not sure. Have you lost weight despite eating normally, or are you eating less because of the discomfort after eating.

Do you have a distended tummy? Speaking from when I was having severe problems a few months ago (same alcohol cirrosis) I had the ultra sound as previously mentioned, I was told it was a combination of excess strain on the spleen, gall stones and little loose lumps of fat that are trying to connect back in place. I found warm milk and honey soothing hot baths and water bottles heat was too intense.

Hopefully these ideas help ease your discomfort and get a few calories :)

Hi Bolly. Thanks for your reply. No, I don't get scans, the only monitoring I get is monthly bloods, and I'm going for those today. Yes, I've tried to get an earlier appointment with my GP, but of course, no luck so far. As for eating, my appetite hasn't exactly been great the last while and yes, the discomfort Has been putting me off. But as an adult at 5 foot 6 my general 'normal' weight was about 8 1/2 stone, last time I weighed myself I was 7.10 and think I've lost more, maybe thats to be expected?

Hi Rebs, thanks for the suggestions, yeah, my stomach is really distended -at times. I do get prescribed Spironolactone, but try not to take them everyday as I've heard, from others on blt that they are bad for the kidneys. You must have read my mind, because, yes I normally fall back on my trustly hot water bottle and am not keen on hot baths. I will definately try the warm milk and honey, -sounds lovely actually! Thanks alot.

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