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Ive hereditary polycystic liver disease and my liver function tests are way outside the norm. I've stopped drinking alcohol and the last test was better, but I'd hate to think that I can't drink again, even just occasionally ie holidays, birthdays, etc. does anyone have any experience to share and/or advice? I don't know anyone outside my family that has PLD. Many thanks

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Sorry, I don't know much about PLD - I have AILD myself. But just a few thoughts on the not drinking thing. Have you been told you shouldn't drink at all? or maybe just ease off tll bloods settle? It may be possible that you can have an occasional tipple for some special event , esp once bloods settle down. I've never been told not to drink at all, but decided to stop after I had a glass or two of wine at Christmas and felt unwell afterwards. I was a very intermittent and moderate drinker before that. I just recently had my first totally alcohol-free birthday and it was fine, no loss at all.Much depends on the extent of your disease and what the docs say about your particular situation.

However, i've had intrusive and ignorant questioning at arecent family wedding about why I wasn't drinking wine, and can see why it sometimes might be 'easier' to go with the herd, even although there are lots of reasons why somebody might choose to not drink alcohol. IMO some people are just silly and nosey (as my non-relative above).


Thanks for your answer, I just hope my next LFT's are better


If your liver function has improved when you cut out the alcohol, I'd stick to being teetotal for a bit longer or at least until all test results have been within normal range for at least 6 months.

You only have one liver, so its wise to give it lots of TLC! Although the cysts with PLD are benign, they can grow and press on other organs making things uncomfortable so ideally the less inflammation in your liver the better, and if alcohol increases inflammatory levels, better not to drink. Its a shame that we are conditioned to have a drink at a social occasion and if we don't people assume we are odd. I find it easiest just to say it upsets my digestion and leave it at that.


Thanks for this. Have more blood tests in a couple of weeks and will see what they show. Also put myself on a wheat, dairy and meat free diet two weeks ago to see if that helps. Fingers crossed


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