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Parkrun a success

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A much shorter report befitting of a much faster run. It wasn’t pretty but I ran every single step, up or down hill and even managed a sprint to the end.

At points I had to draw on Couch weeks 7-9 speeds to make it up the hills but I did it.

Did I enjoy it? No. It was windy and muddy and far too steep up and down in places. But I have a massive sense of achievement. And it was nice being cheered along, especially when you make it to the top of a climb without stopping.

It was slightly slower than the incorrect official time for the first one, which is annoying as I was actually about 12 minutes faster, coming in at 40:50. Given the terrain, I’ll take that.

Digging out my parkrun band it didn’t fit and I had to move two holes tighter - my wrists have shrunk in the six months between runs!

New shoes were both fantastic and essential today. I wore them around the house the past three days as a precaution but they were really comfy and gripped well on mud and wet rubble/rock as well as crossing a tarmac road. Great value only £45 at Decathlon.

My next parkrun will be flatter. I don’t know where and, as I prefer a longer weekend run, I don’t know when.

Enjoy your next run x

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Congratulations Jay, that’s a great performance in difficult circumstances.

I think I’ll invest in a pair of the same trail shoes from Decathlon with my Christmas money 😀👍

Sybilw profile image

Think I can spot the hills!! Great that you ran it all. Congratulations and Happy New Year. 🎆🎊

cheekychipmunks profile image

Woohoo well done Jay! You did it. 👏🎉👏🏃

Dexy5 profile image

Congratulations for even returning to Lyme Park Jay, let alone running it all. Parkrun tourism required for you to enjoy it I think.

Flaraflarkin profile image

Skinny wrists, new shoes Woo hoo!!👊 Well done on showing those hills! 💪💪🦋

Goforitmama profile image

You well and truly nailed it! Faster, better, stronger and muddier too.

Equi-geek profile image

👏👏👏well done Jay!! Great way to end the year 🤗🎉

Ang33333 profile image

Well done! Just shows how much progress you've made. Enjoy the next flat one! 👟👟

Sandie1961 profile image

Yay, congratulations on your return to the ‘killer’! I thought about you as I was trotting round my flat tarmac paths 😂

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Brilliant Jay, great time too. That run must have been sooooo satisfying and you should try a nice, enjoyable flat park run next. If you do your long run in the weekends you could do what some of our elite parkrunners do and do the parkrun twice. Have to say its amazing to see them running up again still looking fresh and it gives me an extra incentive to finish faster, hoping they won’t overtake me 🤣

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Jay66UKGraduate10 in reply to lexi6

At Lyme Park some cross the finishing line then run the route in reverse 😳🤷‍♂️

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lexi6Graduate10 in reply to Jay66UK


Excellent run Jay, I'm beginning to think that maybe I should venture back to a park run sometime in the new year.

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Well done Jay. So brave of you to go back and face your nemesis. You should be proud.

mountaindreamer profile image

Lyme Park revisited - well done Jay! I still smile when I remember your first Lyme Park report! 😂😊❤️🏃‍♂️

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