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Didn’t make the run

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Well as you can see I never made the run 😥. After my Friday run the next morning I woke up with pain under my foot. Yes after nearly 12 months of running I picked up my first injury. I haven’t seen a doctor but I’m pretty sure it’s Plantar fasciitis. So just going to take a couple of weeks to see if that makes it better if not I will the get the doctor to have a look. Any way hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and here’s to a running new year

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Sorry to hear that☹️. Must be hard. Wishing you a speedy recovery.👍

Deals1 profile image

Ah no! Hope improve soon.

JonathanP profile image

Sorry about that - take it easy

Irishprincess profile image

Roll a golf ball under your foot or a small bottle of frozen water. And stretch your calves.

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Good luck with PF Notsobigdoug . What a pain

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