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The December Dash week 3


Welcome to the December Dash Quest.

Here we are in the final month of 2018. Let’s try and keep each other going as our lives throw obstacles In our way.😀

What the quest is:-

The Quest will run through to the end of the month, with weekly Monday update posts throughout.

What is the Quest?

The aim of the Quest is to help you find a focus or goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the Quest period.

The Quest takes one calendar month. You can at join any point during that time.

I ask that you are a C25K Graduate before joining the Quest. The reason for this is that pre-graduation your week is very much structured according to the C25K programme, and I wouldn't want the Quest to interfere with that.

Most popular goals are:

★ To run three times a week

★ To slowly increase distance

★ To train for a specific race

★ To add Stretch and Strength exercises to your weekly routine

This is a personal challenge, so it's completely up to you! If you want to join, all you have to do is comment below with something like:

I would like to join the Quest, or, count me in! I want to ..............

Every week of December I will put up a new post and we can all chat about how we are doing. It’s going to be awesome!!! 😃

At the end of the Quest, there will be a certificate for you to download and keep!!

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and totally awesome month with lots of running 💥

Millsie-J, Realfoodieclub, Oldfloss, Ju-Ju, and Roseabi xxx

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One run in a week for me, I will be back home and back to some sort of routine later this week. On the plus side I have spent some great times with family and old friends so life is all about a bit of moderation. Happy running to you all. Rfc x


I managed 3 runs and a cross training activity last week, although not the 3 runs planned - ran a mid-distance run, a hilly treadmill run but opted out of my long run for a shorter fun snowy coulee run instead. Lots of call this weekend and still a couple more nights on call next week but will plan for my long run next Friday and will see what the rest of the week brings. I am still on track for my year long km goal -14.2 k left and my next long run is 14k so feeling good about reaching my goal.

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What was your km goal for 2018 Saskie? Don't forget to do that 0.2km now ;)

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Don't worry, I won't forget 😁. I may just extend that run by 0.2k to be sure. Looking at my schedule for the next 2 weeks, I should be able to get 4 runs in, so I should easily make it, but you just never know. My goal this year was 750 km ( I had ran 348.5k last year). I'm at 735.8 km so far. So close. I had a 18.5 km trail run this summer I didn't count because my running partner's knee acted up and we ended up hiking over half of it...but if I added that in, I've reached it. It just felt like cheating, so I've changed that activity to a hike instead of a run on Runkeeper. Now, I need to think about what goal to set for next year.....

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That's some mileage achieved - Respect ! And you seem to be really enjoying it which is the main thing. Have fun choosing a new goal. I hope the moderators post a poll where we can write about our goals for 2019. I'm going to put my thinking/running cap on :)


Well my plans for December went completely to pot when my back went 🤬 My plan for a repeat of last month’s 50 miles is out of the window and I will just be glad for what I can do. Thank you Katnap & kittens for putting up with me!

Like most, this is a very busy week but I’ve not a lot of work on which helps, so the plan is to do a gentle run today before the Christmas party, then a ‘as long as I can last run’ whilst posting cards on Wednesday and Parkrun on Saturday. In between, I’ll do some careful yoga & Pilates and a careful trip to the gym.

Happy running everyone, it’s good to be back *touch wood* 🤞🤞🤞😀


Last week I did my first run and it was clear that piriformis was still an issue, at the time I told myself I "might" do another run at the end of the week but would see how it felt.... well turns out I probably could have run at the end of the week (because i could barely feel it) but I didn't! So what's all that about?? *puts hand up excitedly* I know! I know! It's because my habit was broken, so I could "choose" whether I ran or not 😫 And I chose "Not" 🙄 Waaaaah choice, my worst enemy! On the plus side I have been doing squats and bridges for strengthening every day as well as glute stretches ~ today I'll do a short run and see how that feels (fingers crossed piriformis stays at bay) The most bonkers thing of all is that we're moving on Wednesday! 6 days before Xmas so I'm either going to avoid avoid avoid running or use it for escapism, we shall see 😊 Happy running everyone 🏃‍♀️🦋🤗

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Good luck with your move. I did the same once - from Scotland to London with 3 kids (one who was 6 months!!). Hope it goes well.


Well, I struggled to quest this week. I did get to a Pilates class and a core strength class (I have a sore bum to prove that). I did a gentle 5km and a horrendous 8km. The 8km was supposed to be my hilly run but the trail was flooded so I had to double back. So it wasn't a hilly run (much) but I stopped 10-12 times. Felt like crying and "I can't do this" and I was trying to download a Headspace run for motivation. I ran slowly but you know what - maybe that was a good run finally. Because I persevered and kept going and did it! This running lark is psychological and I kicked those gremlins into the lake. Blooming lake is having its revenge by flooding many of my trails ;) Onwards this week for 2 strength classes and 2 or 3 runs (one long). Gremlins on board no doubt...

Managed 3 runs & 2 s&f last week. The quest is helping me because I have trouble getting motivated for s&f for some reason. Also a good week because my youngest came home from uni for 3 weeks 😊


Parkrun was going to be my first run since the Santa run, but it was torrential rain and strong winds. I stayed in bed - It was the first day I haven’t done parkrun because I didn’t want to. I listened to Saturday Live and remembered that this is what I used to do before I became a runner. Note to self: listen to Saturday Live on radio iplayer while running.

I did get out on Sunday (alone) though and really enjoyed the calmer weather.

Well done to those of you who went out regardless, especially the volunteers


Three chilly runs, with a 5k pb of 30.45. No strength and flex though but will try this week to fit them in.


My quest was to stick to my HM plan - running every other day, a yoga or pilates class once a week, strength exercises at home and some cycling or a zumba video as cross-training. Managed everything except the cross-training, completely forgot! Have had some good runs, I'm enjoying upping the distance and exploring new routes. So this week I'd like to carry on with that and do the cross-training too 😊


Managed 3 runs but only 1 Pilates session. My normal routine was disturbed and I just couldn’t manage to fit more in.


Running, what's that? I'm so glad my son is home from University so Google is getting walked.

So little time to do anything... but my personal best for leaping out of bed and getting over to my Dad is looking pretty cool.

So a lot has gone out of the window... but only 26 lengths now to the end of my virtual river swim!


No running for me either....not feeling very chipper..fizzy nose has just started to run and sore throat... so will be sitting out for a bit..

Hope you all have a very Happy and peaceful Christmas.🌲😊xxx

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Take care of yourself bluebird. I think our bodies sometime need to slow down. So rest and have a lovely peaceful Christmas 😘

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Thank you Paula...😊xxx

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Oh no look after yourself. I hope you feel better soon. Rfc xxx


Thank you Rfc...hoping to be better in a day or so... just a cold (fingers crossed)

Merry Christmas to you and Mr Rfc🎅😊xx

Hello all you fellow runners!

My plans for running while away went a bit haywire! No where suitable at all to go, but I did manage a brisk walk one evening! Back in SG last night so off to the gym to try and ease my legs back into action... I should manage another run Monday morning, then flying back to the U.K. for a week. I’m packing my running gear, and looking forward to running in the cold! 10k race booked for mid January and my aim is to beat the time I did earlier this month.

I’ve still only had 1 mince pie ... but do have a huge stack of Indian sweets 🧁 oh well!

Happy Christmas everyone 🎄

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