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The December Dash week 2

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Welcome to the December Dash Quest.

Here we are in the final month of 2018. Let’s try and keep each other going as our lives throw obstacles In our way.πŸ˜€

What the quest is:-

The Quest will run through to the end of the month, with weekly Monday update posts throughout.

What is the Quest?

The aim of the Quest is to help you find a focus or goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the Quest period.

The Quest takes one calendar month. You can at join any point during that time.

I ask that you are a C25K Graduate before joining the Quest. The reason for this is that pre-graduation your week is very much structured according to the C25K programme, and I wouldn't want the Quest to interfere with that.

Most popular goals are:

β˜… To run three times a week

β˜… To slowly increase distance

β˜… To train for a specific race

β˜… To add Stretch and Strength exercises to your weekly routine

This is a personal challenge, so it's completely up to you! If you want to join, all you have to do is comment below with something like:

I would like to join the Quest, or, count me in! I want to ..............

Every week of December I will put up a new post and we can all chat about how we are doing. It’s going to be awesome!!! πŸ˜ƒ

At the end of the Quest, there will be a certificate for you to download and keep!!

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and totally awesome month with lots of running πŸ’₯

Millsie-J, Realfoodieclub, Oldfloss, Ju-Ju, and Roseabi xxx

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I managed to keep on track last week. Not sure this week is going to be so easy, so many things going on. I think it is time to have a reshuffle of my training plans. My swimming in starts first week in Jan and my running one gets going in two weeks so I think I can get myself back on track and organised by then. Happy running to you all Rfc x


Didn't manage all 3 runs this week, but still got 20k closer to my year long goal this week (13k & 7k) and got 2 cross training activities done (20minutes on the elliptical and a snowshoe trek). Overall I'm happy despite struggling earlier in the week for motivation.

RealfoodieclubGraduate10 in reply to SaskAlliecat

Your doing well even without getting to 3 runs especially if your struggling with motivation, well done.

Thanks for this lovely Quest Rfc!

Back from the sunshine holiday now but like others, we are so busy this month! Big fund raising Dinner Party coming up..... Mr M is the house chef so luckily Im front of house πŸ₯‚. Then Family flying in and becoming house guests for at least a month. And hospital visits as usual. So this month I will be happy to just keep movingπŸ‘πŸΌ .

My quest is simply to run at least twice a week , and to walk as often as can be squeezed in .

Happy running allπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ»

RealfoodieclubGraduate10 in reply to Millsie-J

Wow sounds like you have a lot on. Sensible to tone it down a bit. My Dad came for two weeks last year over Christmas and I think I manged one run, good luck and remember to have some chill time too with so much going in. πŸ˜€

BluebirdrunnerGraduate10 in reply to Millsie-J

I hope you had a really great holiday Millsie, and soaked up some sun...

Sounds like a busy time coming up, good luck with your Fund Raising Party, I'm sure it will be a great success.

I hope you manage to squeeze some lovely walks and runs in too. 😊xxx


Hi Rfc...

A bit late..but could I join the Quest to help me keep on track with the HM training... I am finding it hard, as I am having to build up slowly after being on the IC with also is dire at the moment and I have had to do one run indoors!

I would find it helpful .


RealfoodieclubGraduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

You poor thing, it is so hard getting on the HM plans after being ill. Hehe I have just restarted mine for the third time because I activated it too soon πŸ˜‚. Take it steady and most importantly, look after yourself.

BluebirdrunnerGraduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

Don't worry Floss, there is plenty of time to build that distance up, as you get over that Bronchitis and back to fitness.

Mr OF is doing a great job looking after you and making sure you stay well and safe from that dreadful weather you are having.

We will look out for you on this Quest with us, as you build up, and its great that there are a big group of you all doing the HM training together with Roseabi...

I promise to do my core exercises this week as I know you are...😊xxx


Hello Millsie-J, My goal of competing in this year’s Santa run has been well and truly been achieved. When I said I wanted to run it this time last year I had no idea of where c25k would take me.

So the rest of the month I am going Poole about on short runs, including parkruns of course.

I wish everyone a very merry Christmas as I am going to be on here less for the rest of the month. Have fun and keep running.


RealfoodieclubGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

Have a great Christmas too. Well done on the Santa run. Enjoy your runs, so great your still running. πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ»

UpTheStanleyGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

Why don't I know you're going to Poole? Am I invited?


Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to UpTheStanley

Mmm I think that autocorrect has done it again. I meant pootle- but obviously not a recognised word. You can pootle along too if you recognise that means slow like a 🐌


Hi there and welcome to the Quest

Here is the link to the S&F and also to the new One You Stretches

Rfc x

Hi there!

I managed to do my three runs last week and only had one mince pie πŸ˜‡, although I did have a piece of cake after the race on Saturday!

This week has started well, a good recovery run today, and I should manage 2 more runs too. I’m away for a week from Thursday, but I’m going to take my running gear with me just in case! You never know.

Determined not to undo all the hard work I’ve put in so far πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ. And there’s a race in January that I would like to run faster in, which is a good motivator.

Enjoy the running everyone!

RealfoodieclubGraduate10 in reply to Runninginsingapore

I think if Cake is offered after a race, I take that as compulsory πŸ˜‰. Enjoy your recovery runs and your time away. Rfc x


Morning RFC and all questers, I managed 1 strength class and 1 Pilates class. I LOVE them both which is something I thought I'd never say. My hilly run was shortish (6.5km) and stoppyish (I did stop quite a bit). I did one lovely 5km in the rain and one short but tough intervals run. I seem to be getting slower run wise but I'm not going to fret about it. So I'm planning more or less the same for this week. Things are tough in my personal life so running and classes keep me positive and feeling good about myself. Keep going gang.

RealfoodieclubGraduate10 in reply to paulanoo

Half the battle is getting to like the exercise you do,once you have that under your belt you are home dry on the sticking around front, so well done On that one. I wouldn’t fret we tend to have waves with our runs. They don’t tend to last too long and it is best to listen to them, they do tend to be telling us our bodies just want a little less on the pace front to fully recover, or something like that. Have a good week.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to paulanoo

Hang in there....x

GoogleMeGraduate10 in reply to paulanoo

Bravo you!


Although I didn't set myself any targets for this month, I've just achieved one of the ones I would have set if I had, if you know what I mean :-) - 5k on the dreadmill on Friday included 1k continuous at race-pace-plus (13 kph or 4'36"/k), up from 750m in November

RealfoodieclubGraduate10 in reply to UpTheStanley

Well done on reaching that goal. It is hard to set goals this month, December is usually so busy and all over the place. That’s what I like about the quest it is totally flexible. Accountability without stress. πŸ˜€.


Running wise I have been out of action for the past week ~ on the IC with my piriformis muscle 😱 Stretching, resting and foam rollering seem to have helped ~ but still niggling so having to take it day by day. With not being able to run I have very quickly slipped back into bad eating habits and my mind is not as clear and contented as it is when I'm running. Hoping I can get back out very soon 😊 Have a good week everyone x

RealfoodieclubGraduate10 in reply to Flaraflarkin

I am sorry to hear that, speedy recovery. It is a bad time of year to curb eating habits as well. I hope you back out there and back to your old self soon. Take care Rfc x


This was a good year. Despite being on the IC for four or five months up to March I still made my goal of a non-stop 10 miles. I also have things to look forward to and enjoy now - running each week, a HM hopefully in April, even more hopefully the Marine Corp Marathon in October, checking in and chatting with my friends here, feeling healthier in general and able to recuperate (as I am at the moment) faster from being Ill.... Running literally is a life changer, makes it so much fuller and happier.

Hardest part is those few yards to simply gear up and step out the door though sometimes :)

RealfoodieclubGraduate10 in reply to Irish-John

Firstly look after yourself properly and really let your body heal. A marathon well that’s a challenge, πŸ˜€. Running has brought so much into my life, hehe I actually can’t imagine what I did or talked about before I started πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Take care of yourself.

Irish-JohnGraduate10 in reply to Realfoodieclub

I'm learning to RFC :)

On target with 2 runs & 2 s&f, which was good going as I had an IBS flare up & my husband was called in for a hernia operation due to somebody else cancelling. Quite a challenging week 😳

RealfoodieclubGraduate10 in reply to Getfitok

Sounds like a very challenging week well done for getting 2 runs and 2 S&F in with all that going on. I hope you have a quieter week this week.

GoogleMeGraduate10 in reply to Getfitok

It's so satisfying when you can hold onto your fitness activities in the face of obstacles isn't it? Well done!


I'm holding strong, running every other day and due to not only acheive my 500 mile annual goal but to exceed it by a few miles too 🀞


Hi Rfc and fellow Questers, 😊

Not quite going to plan for me this month...the good news is that I ran a 10k last week, and although I didn't get out for a second run. I did go for a hilly walk on Sunday.

The bad news is * whispers* I have eaten 5 mince pies already this month!

They just seem to be calling out to me😁

Realising this is not good....

I have been out for a run today and managed just over 10k again...which I'm happy about...

We are planning a nice long walk near Oxford this week, not sure when I will get my next run in....

Happy running everyone!😊xx

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Mince pies?? Goodness... ! I only made my mincemeat this weekend :) But it does smell yummy..:)

Go you.. you are doing amazingly.. Happy walking and running my friend:) x

BluebirdrunnerGraduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you Floss!😊xxx

paulanooGraduate10 in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Oh I think there are vitamins in mince pies B.B. fruit surely? Now if you were down to the second tray of a giant box of milk tray, then I’d begin to worry πŸ˜‰

RealfoodieclubGraduate10 in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Hehe, I think you earned those one mince pies in my eyes. Me, on the other hand had lunch then went out Christmas shopping and happened to devour a turkey and cranbrperey sausage roll that I didn’t earn πŸ˜‚ whoops! Enjoy your walk, Rfc x


Well things got a bit batshit crazy (quite literally) but not too shabby really. Did an online yoga class so that's one tick off for the month, some yoga, up to scratch with swimming, running not so much (but some), Advent Fitness challenge proving surprisingly challenging considering the activities are not hard as such...

Told my Dad this morning that all his squats and work on his core and maintaining a healthy weight over the years were still standing him in good stead even as his body literally breaks down.

RealfoodieclubGraduate10 in reply to GoogleMe

Well done on you are doing. I have a mental barrier with anything I have to do daily as far as exercise is concerned I don’t know why! My dad is mid eighties and I keep saying to him he is doing great, He loses patience with himself so easily. Have a good week. Rfc x

GoogleMeGraduate10 in reply to Realfoodieclub

Checked him into day hospice today and the nurse was doing a preliminary assessment but I could see he was itching to join in with the gentle exercise session the physio was leading (except he won't take it gently!)


Bit late in here, but I will just keep pegging away at the Marcothon run every day in December challenge. It’s such and inspiring thing to do, am loving it.

RealfoodieclubGraduate10 in reply to FlickM3

Well done with doing that, 11 days in your doing great.

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Realfoodieclub

Thank you x


I managed to keep on track last week. 3 runs completed, including a 10k, and 3 home Pilates sessions. Not really sure the Pilates is having any effect but will keep going.

Happy running.

RealfoodieclubGraduate10 in reply to O505k

Things like Pilates take time to feel like they are making difference I think because they work on the muscles differently. I did a six week course but it took me to the end to feel the difference and I found the biggest one was going up stairs I put both my feet flat on the step and that was because my calf muscles had stretched out more than before.

GoogleMeGraduate10 in reply to O505k

I think sometimes you notice the benefits of these things if you stop doing them for a while. Don't try that experiment!


On track last week with three 5km runs, two lots of s+f and a swim. Should have started the week with s+f again this eve but my daughter made quite a mess with her toys and I can't find any floor! Too tired to clear up this eve and def too worn out for exercise. Running in the morn.

RealfoodieclubGraduate10 in reply to EL82

Sometimes we just have to listen to our bodies, I think yours was telling you you needed a night off, you did the best thing. Good luck for this week. Rfc x

GoogleMeGraduate10 in reply to Realfoodieclub

RFC speaketh truth.

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