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PBs, Parkrun, physio and possible new shoes?


(Had to fit another 'p' in somehow!)

So this week has been busy - Monday I managed a 28.28 PB for 5k, Weds a 1.04.03 PB for 10k and today my first volunteer as marshal at my usual parkrun (Portsmouth Lakeside). Very wet and windy but enjoyable with various Christmas outfits being worn and lots of 'thanks marshal' from runners.

A few twinges from hamstring this week - luckily I have an NHS physio appointment tomorrow for a longstanding back issue (not running-related and seems to be improving slowly thankfully), so thought I might ask her advice about using a foam roller - lots of people on here seem to rate them?

Finally I've been looking into getting some waterproof trainers as I think I will need to get stuck into running in the rain! Currently the only pair I own are Saucony Omni 16s, which are great and have seen me through c25k and 10k but I think I deserve a new pair!

Happy winter running one and all! 😀

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Phine Post P! ;)

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Well done Jonathan! I’m super impressed with PB’s in this weather. I didn’t get one this morning, but our B course is hillier, so I was quite pleased with my time.

I’ve used a foam roller on my instep when I had PF. Seemed to work pretty well.

Yes, you need new shoes! It’s official. 👍

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Thanks cheeky - I'll keep looking!


Well done! 😊

Have to admit my opinions are split on the waterproof trainers idea. I bought some Gortex ones massively reduced, with studs on the bottoms for ice. But as far as running in the rain, last Monday was one of the wettest runs I’ve done, and in some places the puddles couldn’t be avoided and were over trainer height.

My feet soon warmed up and started drying out again once I’d been running on a drier surface for a bit, but it occurred to me that waterproof trainers would simply have filled up with water and kept my feet absolutely soaking because the water couldn’t escape again...

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Hmmm, some further thought required methinks!


Sounds like a top week. Excellent results, well done!

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Thanks Baddie

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