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The Time Bank

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Let’s keep running over the break.

Please feel free to join.

Here is the link and description

The Time Bank

This time of year we usually have a Christmas Challenge, this year it is going to be a little different.

I am Combining all the forums into one challenge.

We are going to create a Time Bank.

You don’t have to do anything special just log all your runs in time format

Hours: minutes: seconds Eg. 1:35:45

On the Monday of each week for the three weeks I will put a post up and all you have to do is reply to the post with your time., no distances needed, that way there is no competition involved and you can join in even if you are going through C25K, you can log as many runs in the weeks as you want or you can just put one final total for the week up, that’s up to you. Warm up and warm down walks can be included if you want.

At the end of the three weeks I will add everything up and convert it into days.

Then we will have a running Time Bank.

The thought behind it is that if you have a busy week or are feeling under par you can make use of the virtual Time Bank. You know when someone can’t get out for a run and we say “I’ll run for you”. Well this is the same.

So let’s see how many days we can get logged in credit for 2019 to help us out next year because let’s face it we will all have a day when a run is just not possible for whatever reason. 😀.

The first week will start on Monday 17th - 23 December

Monday 24th - 30th December

Monday 31st - 6th Jan

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I’ll join this it sounds great!

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Ooh great idea! I'm in 🤗

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What a wonderful idea!

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That’s a really lovely idea RFC! Will try to remember to pop over and add my times. It should be my first 17k on Monday as part of Abi’s HM plan, so I love the idea of offering that time up to someone else who can’t run. (Or back to myself next year sometime!) 😊❤️

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