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Comeback continues


I went for a run yesterday morning with the intention of doing at least 3k and more if it felt good. I settled into what felt like a good cadence, taking fairly short strides. Checking my Garmin, it was around 6 min 30 pace. After the flu last week, I'm watching my HR and in the second kilometre, it had risen to a point where I thought I should slacken off slightly. It quickly fell 20 bpm so I kicked on again and the bizarre thing is that my HR hardly rose at all. I went on to complete 4k and the Garmin overlay of my HR and pace shows a step change (down) in HR from just before halfway through. Maybe I consciously relaxed which made a difference? Anyway, an enjoyable run and a step towards building back up to longer distances. Happy running!

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That sounds great, well done. The flu really takes it out of your body so be gentle with yourself for a while yet.

FlyingredGraduate10 in reply to Irishprincess

Thank you for your support and encouragement. Don't worry, I will be taking it easy for a while.

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