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It’s a knock out!


Those of a certain age will remember this on tv 📺. Contestants trying to remain upright or complete obstacles against the odds. Well that’s what this morning’s run felt like. First off it’s grey, the wind is howling and banging the letterbox, and joy of joys - drizzle- that fine stuff that soaks you through then makes you all clammy, particularly in today’s weird warm temperature. First obstacle was convincing myself it was a good idea to attempt a run in this wind. Second was finding something bright to wear as the mornings are now dark when I get up. Next fallen conkers! Lots of them - it was like trying to run on marbles. Next the nuts & husks. Now a tree branch down across the path, and another. In between heaps of leaves, small and large twigs all making the going ‘interesting’. A massive tree had come down in the church yard. Finally the drizzle has made the tarmac like an ice rink and the grass even worse. And just for fun the wind is so strong in places it stopped me dead. 💨 It was obvious that today’s challenge was going to simply be getting out & back in one piece - so 5k it was, my trusty old C25k route. Lots of laughter later as I slipped & rolled my way through the obstacles I arrived home safely- glad that I made the effort.

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Sounds more like tashiki ‘s castle 😂😂😂

Weather sounds awful its been so hot here today 🌞🌞


A challenging run by the sound of it .. reminds me if a run a few years ago ..

Strange how we then look back fondly on these ' character building' runs ..

Well done


Hahahaha!! Well done for completing the course! 😂


😁. Conkers can be lethal if you slip on em 😮

Windy weather is challenging as younger some right rammel on the floor. You just have to go steady 👍😃


I certainly remember It’s a Knockout, and it paints the perfect picture of your run! The difference between you and me is that I WOULD have come a cropper on a conker, and I would have been running into the wind literally not making any forward progress!

Glad you got out! 😅👏👏


well done, I just love stomping on the nuts and husks and making a racket... all good fun

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