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Bridge to 10K

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Bridge Week 7 Sorted - 19k to Complete Madness


Run 1 was the usual pancake-flat promenade Parkrun, a funny kind of run in as much as it never felt great, but produced a respectable 24’52”, with a negative split (12’32” out, 12’20” back) despite the run home being into the breeze.

Run 2 on Monday was 4k, starting with Dexy5 who is now on W3 of the madness so looking for 3.5k, and had expressed a wish to include some slopes in the run. So it was 2k on the flat in 14’15”, then a couple of bumps in the next k which we did in 7’20”. My gentle encouragement to Dexy to push herself over her last 500m was met with abuse and an invitation to push (off) myself which I did 🏃‍♂️...............🤷‍♀️, with the last 650m coming in at 4’30” pace if Mr Garmin is to be believed. Overall, 4k in 26’48”.

On to the long one today, 9k on the Billy Trail with legs not feeling the least bit interested. The intention was to run the first 2k with Dexy in around 15’, then the rest at 6 min/k, which is my target pace for my graduation run. And this was, hopefully, the final rehearsal. It’s been a month since I last did 7k continuously at a canter ……. Anyway, my pacer took me through the first 2k in 14’31” before casting me adrift, and after the next couple of ks also went a bit faster than intended, I foolishly began to wonder if I could get down to a 6 min average overall – and I did, as per the pic (ignore the 10th k), and it felt good 😊. 2 hours later, I just feel knackered ….😴

So one more parkrun, a gentle 4k recovery with no fartlekking about at this stage, and 10k this time next week – and the hockey season 🏑starts on Saturday week! Onward and upward ….

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Well done, but did you mean the title to say 19k?

UpTheStanleyGraduate10 in reply to pinkaardvark

Yep, 3 runs totalling 19k in W8 ......


Great going, UTS! You’re oh so nearly there now...😃🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️❤️


Good work, Up! And I had to laugh at “legs not feeling the least bit interested”! Mine were the same today. Meh. You are doing very well, and must be able to smell that 10km in the air now! Keep going!

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