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Plantar Fasciitis


I've been regularly running 5 k for about 3 years now and would like to try and get up to a 10k but I'm constantly thwarted by bouts of plantar fasciitis. At the moment I'm only running once a week and just trying to walk as much as I can inbetween but my 5k is just getting slower and harder to complete without stopping. I've tried being careful what shoes I wear and making sure I stretch but it always seems to come back. I do have very clicky ankles as well and getting out of bed first thing in the morning is so painful. I know this is a common problem with runners - does anyone else suffer from the same problem and have any tips?

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Sorry to hear you are suffering with this. I had it very mildly at the start of the year, but managed to fix it with a yoga pose called “toes pose” and rolling a hard massage ball on the sole of my foot three times a day. However, if your case is persistent and severe, you should go see your GP for treatment, I’d say. Here’s a YouTube link to show you toes pose:


In addition to Sadie-runs' good advice, I recommend you do eccentric heel dips twice a day, 10 with legs straight, and 10 with knees bent - on both legs. The calf muscles and Achilles tendons are deeply implicated in plantar fascia problems (it's all connected!), and this is a fantastic exercise to strengthen and stretch them, along with the plantar fascia themselves.

I also suggest you try flexing and pointing your feet strongly (toes and ankles) to stretch out the plantar fascia before you get out of bed in the morning - the reason why they're extra-sore first thing is that they stiffen up overnight.

I presume from what you're saying that it's too painful to run. If the pain eases enough, I think you should try running more than once a week if at all possible - but definitely get yourself checked out by the professionals first. A sports physio may offer greater insight than a GP, but do see the doctor at least.

misswobbleGraduate10 in reply to roseabi

Doing the heel drop with a calf raise at the same time is double bubble

Slow-ly, slow-ly

Thanks all for your advice and I will certainly be having a go at the exercises!

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